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Ok, here is another review of a book  I just finished that smoked my mind!!!

Bad Moon Rising by Jonathan Maberry.

This is the last book in a trilogy — I know I read out of order.  Trust me, I’m pissed about that too, but if the first two books are anything like this one I’ll be in love.  A horror series that encompasses many different monster genres along with some incredibly new takes on those monsters in particular.

I’m not going to say anything about the novel in particular as not to spoil it, but this bad boy is 608 pages long.  For those of us constantly monitoring word counts:

680 * 250 = 152,000 words

I read it in two days and finished it at Midnight last night with a flashlight while my beautiful wife slept and the power was out.  The winds were 60-70 mph and it made it perfect.  Of those 152,000 words do you know how many adverbs popped out?  How many times my rank and membership in the Order of the Fist (we are opposed to abverbs…just thought I’d mention that to stop the crude jokes) wanted to step forward and say “Enough is Enough”?


That’s right zero times.  Unbelievable.  You know how many words I felt were wasted in this novel?


It was perfect.  To the point.  Painted the pictures and allowed me to fill in the blanks.  It let me work the images in my head.

Honestly the only drawback was the harm to children, which I would normally freak out about, but in this case it oddly fit the story so well, I didn’t want to throw the book across the room once.  Amazing.

Even more interesting is the fact that Maberry is not just a novelist!  He has seven non-fiction works on  Martial Arts under his belt!

If interested the first two books in the Pine Deep Trilogy are:

Dead Man’s Song

Ghost Road Blues

I’ll be honest.  Based on one book, since I haven’t read others, this is the type of author I want to be.  Truly a gripping, suspenseful read that it just out of this world!!