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I don’t normally write these because each reader has their own taste in what they prefer to read, however I have to say right now that this post will be about two horrible novels and one that is somewhat OK.

I am an avid reader and as most of you know I LOVE zombie novels.  Brian Keene’s, “Dead Sea”, is one of the WORST zombie novels I’ve ever read and I’ve read some really bad stuff before.  This however was even worse  because he is a major other and had his hands on an awesome plot!  Escape to sea because of a zombie infestation.  How can you screw that up!  Evidently rather easily.  The story, in my opinion was told, not shown to the reader.  Mistake number one.  Second he violated one of what I consider to be one of the most basic tenets of zombie literature, don’t mess with the defenseless as in animals or children.  This crap was just that, CRAP.  Don’t bother reading it if you are a true zombie fan.  If you like crappy horror pulp then you might like this.

The second book I picked up was an anthology called “Mondo Zombies”, editted by John Skipp.  I was pretty excited about reading a new anthology about my beloved zombies.  The only problem with this was the first story which involved necrophilia.  That’s right, sex with the dead.  I call BullSh*T on this one.  I skipped through and found another story called “F*** the Dead” which I can only say involved graphic sex scenes with zombie hookers and incest.  TURN OFF!  Back to the library with that piece of crap.

**EDIT – While I’m sure there are other good shorts in “Mondo Zombies” I just could not get past those horrible stories and their content.

Finally I’ve been reading Bentley Little’s “The Burning”.  Not half bad.  Pulp horror but not too bad.  I’m not going to rant on it.

Look, let’s face it.  There is a lot of crap out there to read and it’s a shame that those of us have some smidgin of talent can’t get published.  Kinda crappy if you ask me.  If you enjoy reading find writer like myself of J Dane Tyler or Bryce Beattie. We take immense pride in our craft and will not put a piece of crap in print.  We will not allow substandard work to be published because we are already “proven”.  Want proof?  Check out Bryce’s work Oasis over on Amazon.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here soon!

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