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Well I’m home. Finally. It was a good trip to NC and I have to say that we did accomplish what we set out to achieve at the conference we were presenting. Other than being very very tired I feel pretty good.

I have to get even with my boss. We flew out on Monday morning. As most of you know I am the ultimate Steelers fan which, as you can imagine, made my Monday morning rather difficult. So for that big 1hr and 50min. flight to Charlotte they let me sleep which was very nice of them. There is only one problem. I snore. LOUDLY. Sitting up in that plane seat I cut lumber for almost the entire flight. I didn’t wake up until the landing gear started going down. I woke up and looking at my boss and asked her if we were already there. Everyone just started laughing that was around us. She let me snore for almost two hours on that flight. Man, did my throat hurt.

I also heard two things in the Charlotte airport on the way home that I have never heard before. The first I heard over a Police Officer’s radio and it was kind of shocking.

“There has been a deer strike on the runway.”

The second thing I heard was even odder.

“It is Flight 3215”

My plane that I was waiting for. So, instead of arriving in Columbus at 10PM it was more like 1215AM. Now on top being tired I’m even more tired.

So I’m going to bed at 8PM. I’ve had enough.

Oh and by the way I hope to have Chapter 20 up this weekend!