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In the previous post I mentioned the Mayor of Phoenix desecrating The Terrible Towel.  What he actually did was give it to the Cardinal’s mascot who wiped it’s furry armpits with The Terrible Towel and gave it to the mayor.  The mayor then proceeded to wipe his nose with it, throw it on the ground, and stomp on it.

Pitiful.  Inexcusable.  Pathetic.  He apologized but you know what?  I don’t accept.  This was an act of a fool.

That towel represents more than his little city.  That towel has more fans than the population of that little city.  Some proceeds go to charity.  Even more so The Terrible Towel represents a tradition.  It represents great players, great owners, and a great city.  When times were down because of the death of the steel industry, Myron Cope came up with the idea of the terrible towel to boost moral for a town in need.

Shame on you Mayor Phil Gordon.  Shame on you for disrespecting a tradition that is quite possibly older than you.  Any towel waved in a stadium, no matter the sporting event, is simply a knock off.  I own three of these towels.  All different.  Each one representing a different era of Steelers History.  One is an original that I rescued off of the scum covered floor of Cleveland Browns Stadium.  In enemy territory that towel gave me the courage to root for my team no matter where I was.

Shame on you again Mayor Phil Gordon.  Have the class to act like you would want your constituents to act.  Maybe when you have 5 Super Bowl rings or the rich history of the Pittsburgh Steelers you will no longer feel the need to act like a spoiled child.

An article and video of the event

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