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**Authors Note: This chapter contains rough language. New to the story?

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July 31, 2012 0400

I’ve woken everyone up.  I want to be on the road in less than an hour.  We’ve got to go.

I’ve had a dream.  One of those ones that you actually remember.  Not the fleeting glimpses of occurrences either.  This was the real deal.  From beginning to end, I remember it all.

A wolf and a lamb.  Two independent voices trying to convince me of what I should do.

Wolf: Your people have failed you

Lamb: You have failed God

Wolf: Stand for yourself.  Lead your people to freedom.  Come to the land of the wolf.

Lamb: Come join to the flock of misguided.  Come to the pasture.

Wolf: You have not failed your God and he has not failed you.  You have failed yourself.

Lamb: Come to Branson and take your place with the rest of the flock

Wolf: Come to Eagle Nest.  We are waiting for you.

I’m no sheep and neither are the people I’ve tried to associate myself with.  It’s time to move.  It’s time to go to New Mexico.  For some reason I trust the wolf.  The lamb gave me a hinky feeling like when I was in the Navy and something was in the air.  You kind of know something is going down but you just aren’t sure what.

July 31, 2012 1300

We are rolling at high speed down the road.  One thing about being out here is that there are very few vehicles on the road.  We aren’t seeing anything out here. 

I’ve thought more about my dream last night.  To me it’s almost like Christianity versus Mysticism.  Here is the question though, if the lamb represents Christianity what does the Wolf represent? 

Many years ago while I was in the Navy I led the Admiral’s Color Guard and my team went out to present the colors for the National Native American Pow-Wow in Orlando, FL.  After doing the colors we were invited to dance with the various tribes and afterwards the head of the Native American Congress walked up to me.  To this day I’ll never forget his words:

“One day you will be faced with a grand choice.  In that moment of decision your spirit will guide you in the right direction.”

At first I just thought it was some mumbo-jumbo.  I was young, stupid, and certainly didn’t understand the ways of the world.  As I’ve grown and aged I had forgotten that moment and it is only now, after having the dream, that I remember that time at the Pow-Wow.

I know where we are going now.  The difficulty will be convincing the others. 

July 31, 2012 1900

Damn.  Everything was running smooth.  One of the cargo trucks has broken down.  I think Meagan, Tyler, and Melanie are going with me to run into one of the local towns.  I wanted to see if there was anyone around and maybe we could find the truck.

I had an ulterior motive for this trip.  The four of us have been together since the beginning and in the long run the only person I trust other than my wife is Tyler.  As we drove along the barren country roads I swore them to the utmost secrecy.  At there acceptance and oath I filled them in on my plan.  Tyler looked at me with that smile of his.  Kind of like he knew I would do this all along.  I only wish I had.

We took one of the duallies so we were comfortable on our ride and so we wouldn’t look like authorities or thugs with guns all over the place.  Not that we didn’t have weapons.  My wife carried more than me I think.  She has turned into my little Valkyrie.

As we approached Smithson, I could see the buzzards turning circles over different parts of the town.  This didn’t bode well for our visit.  As we approached the town, the bodies came into view.  Nothing like Terre Haute, but there were some in different parts.  They had been gnawed upon by the buzzards and other wildlife.  It was difficult to tell how the unfortunates had died but it certainly didn’t look pleasant.  Tyler turned on the air sensor mounted on the truck and it came back with negative readings meaning the air was safe to breath.

We drove on into the town and parked near one of the churches.  Where do people go in the time of need?  The local church.  The doors were unlocked so we walked in and found the building empty.  We walked down to the closest house and looked in the windows.  What we saw was a tragedy of the American life.  A mother, father and young son, long dead from some sort of airborne contagion.  They had died instantly sprawling in their seats as the rigor of death set in.

As we looked around the town we saw more or this.  No one dead from gunshot wounds that we could tell.  It appeared that everyone died where they stood.  After awhile it got depressing so we decided to head back to the convoy. 

When we got back to the guys had quit messing with the truck.  Their repair attempts were fruitless.  Down a vehicle really hurts us because we had to spread all of its supplies to other vehicles.  That takes space we don’t necessarily have.  It also sucks because some of us are a little ripe.  Washing up in creeks or fifty five gallon drums of water really doesn’t do the body good.

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