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I’ve been trying to take some time to think about the things I enjoy in life and one of those things is writing.  Lately I’ve been having problems writing anything.  That includes critiques, edits, and any of my own work.  After talking with my friend Darc, I realized that I had lost my flow. 

After thinking about these things for awhile I’ve begun to think that I am a teepee and a wigwam.  For those of you who can’t figure it out those are TWO TENTS.  Chew on that one for awhile.  I need to relax and laugh and enjoy the writing life again.  I’m going to be writing a review of an all time classic called “Earth Abides” later tonight. 

Yesterday at the used bookstore I finally got my hands on the complete Poe works in a two set bound edition.  I have to say I’m very excited about getting my hands on this!  I’ve wanted the complete works for many years, but in a nice format.  I’ll actually be writing a piece soon about the genius of Poe and some examples of his sentence structure.

Right now I’m watching ‘Coupling: Season 2’ with my wife, the dogs and a fire.  This isn’t the crappy American version either.  This is the real deal.  British all the way!  It would be like if they tried to make an American version of Dr. Who.  It just isn’t going to work.

I shall return.  Stronger,  Better, and Full of Sarcasm!

Tomorrow is Monday and back the grind!

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