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July 8th, 2012: 0700

It’s been seven days since it happened.  We’re trapped in the middle of nowhere.  Not really sure what happened at this point other than the mushroom clouds we could see over Columbus and Cleveland.  Only thing that saved us was that we decided to go out to Amish country last weekend.  Thank GOD it’s in between both cities.  Cell phones are down so we haven’t heard from anyone else.  Internet is gone also.

The house we are in has a short wave and we are catching small amounts of information but not a whole lot.  Appears to be a huge cloud of static out there.  As far as I can tell it was a nuke attack and all the major cities from the East Coast to around Chicago were hit and hit hard.

I’ve been scavenging some and seen things I wish I had never seen.  Refugees are finally coming out of the cities and it is grotesque.  Things I hope I never have to witness again.

I’ve run into a few bunches of raiders but have managed to avoid being seen so they have no clue we are nearby.  We can hear their trucks and ATV’s every so often but we are very well hidden.  Fortunately, I had been up here so many times I knew where the house in the hillside was.  I can’t believe no one was here but maybe it was just a summer home.  The owner was definitely a gun lover / survivalist.  I’ve been working to clean all the weapons we’ve found and putting together the gear we have found hidden in places around the house.  Meagan is amazing.  She has been chipping in where ever she can help me with different tasks.

July 8th, 2012: 1200

We are going to have to make a move soon.  Very soon.  Things are getting way too busy out here.  We need to get out from between the two major cities.  The amount of refugees is increasing.  Even on these country roads, the traffic has grown.  I checked our truck earlier and it is running fine plus I put it in 4 wheel drive just in case.  I’ve tested all the fuel we found here and it is good, plus there was another 4 wheel drive truck.

I’m going to drive one and Meagan the other.  CB’s are now installed in both trucks and I think we should be good to go for around 7-8 o’clock tonight.

The guy that owned this house was hard core.  In addition to the weapons, I’ve found some Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s) that will help and a couple automatic rifles, an AR-15 and a two Sig 556’s.  I’ve tried to split our supplies between the two vehicles in case we lose one.  That way we will have some supplies in the other.  Boy Scouts, right?  Be prepared.

My dad taught me to expect the worst in bad situations.  I’m trying to prep for that.

Piper is behaving herself.  She has some toys to play with and we’ve taken turns playing with her so that the other can continue working. So far so good.

I miss the dogs.  Hopefully it was quick for them.

More later.

July 8th, 2012: 1830 hrs

We are getting ready to leave.  I took some time to camouflage this place in case we need it again.  It would make a good base or outpost.

Heading west towards Indiana.  I’m hoping to find a group to join.  Things have gotten worse.  Heard a report on the short wave earlier about germ warfare.  Not good.

Will need to find more military gear.  Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBR) suits if we want to move through hot zones.  Will also need to find some more medical gear.  We have plenty of Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) so we should be good on that front.  Been watching the road for about a half hour and things seem to have calmed down.  I think we will try that route for now and make sure we blend in.  If things get bad, we may need to go off road.  Meagan is doing ok for now.  She is one tough cookie and I think she’ll be ok in the long run.  I’m hanging in there. For years I’ve expected this to happen and it looks like I was right. Gotta say I’m pretty disappointed in that. Let’s hope that things stay grounded.

July 8th, 2012: 2230

Damn that was close.  We had to turn around.  Got a couple miles down the road and there was some sort of roadblock that turned into a major firefight before we got up to it.  Got the hell out of there FAST.  It looked like the roadblock had been set up by a bunch of local-yokels.  I saw a bunch of hunting rifles but nothing heavy.  Some cars on fire and a lot of weapons fire back and forth.

Back at the house and I went out and managed to bag a doe so we don’t have to waste the MRE’s.  Probably stay here for at least 3 more days.  Can’t afford to get caught up in a gunfight right now.  I don’t want my wife and kid involved so we will be avoiding that for awhile.  However, if we can’t get out of here soon I’m going to have to do some recon and see if I can’t force our way out of here.  We aren’t trapped by any means but I want this to go as easy as possible.  I’ve talked with Meagan and let her know I’d set up a series of booby traps around the property just in case.  It’s wait and see time.  I’ll probably use the next few days to see what else this guy had in storage.  My wife found a locked door that we couldn’t get open so I think I’ll try and get in there.  See what we find that we can use.

July 8th, 2012: 2345

Finally got through the door.  That was a bitch.  Had to kick the door in.  Didn’t want to shoot it off for fear of the noise.


This room looks like an armory for the Navy SEALs.  We are damn lucky.  Rifles, fatigues, medicine, absolutely everything a person would need to survive.  The only other thing we found was the note

To who ever finds this,

The world has ended.  Jean was in Columbus when everything hit the fan.  She was actually picking up some ammunition.  I have to find her.  For the person that has found this note, I have left you a complete inventory of everything I have that might help you.  I hope you are able to use my equipment and survive this mess.

Give ’em hell.

The inventory list is about sixty pages so it’s going to be a very long night.

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