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Just wanted to let everyone know that Chapter 17 is in the works.  I must say it is more difficult to write after having just completed 16 because 16 seemed to suck the life out of me.  I went back and read two sentences of it and it gave me the shivers again. 

If you haven’t read 16 please get caught up and give it a read!  Even though I wrote it, I have to say it truly is a piece of work.  I normally won’t comment on my own stuff, but when it gives me the shivers and nightmares AFTER I wrote it, Wow!  I have to laugh because I physically gave a friend the shivers and was called a sick and twisted individual for Chapter 16.  What compliments!!

I really have to thank two people, other than my wife, with my progress on JotA.  I thank them a lot on here and I will continue to do so.  DarcKnyt and DarcsFalcon.  They have read, suggested, and reread for me so many times it isn’t funny.  They have an amazing knack for suggesting things at just the right times like put this on deviantArt or wanna join a critique group?  It has been a truly amazing ride that I hope will culminate with DarcKnyt and I being published and never working 9 to 5 again!

Have a great day everyone and please enjoy reading Journals of the Apocalypse!




PS. Chapter 17 will help resolve the little mystery at the end of Chapter 16!