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July 24, 2012 0900

Sorry for no notes yesterday but nothing happened.  We pulled out of Lake Cicott with no problems and made decent time to Carbondale.  We turned onto US 41 from 24 and headed south.  Along the way we saw some fires but couldn’t really tell if it was homes on fire or fireplaces.  There was some looting but nothing that looked organized.  Looked like a bunch of junkies just tore through stores.  We saw this in each little town we went through.  Lots of debris blowing through the streets but no signs of life.  As in absolutely none, nil, zilch.  We didn’t even see any stray animals.  We’ve seen some wild animals like deer and the FAV’s thought they saw some wolves earlier.  They were probably coyotes though. 

We only had to move a few vehicles in towns.  In those vehicles were a few bodies but nothing terrible.  Other than dead bodies.  When the day was done we were able to cover approximately 80 miles.  Not too shabby.

July 24, 2012 1615

We’ve pulled in at Lyford, IN.  I’ve ordered the trucks and the FAV’s parked in the woods on an old access road away from 41 so no one could see us.  We are on the other side of some woods.  Really we are north of Hudnut but that sounded to weird to write.  Who names a town Hudnut?

You ever have to make one of those decisions where the best option is the stupidest?  We are near Terre Haute and are toying with the idea of sending in a team.  Absolutely stupid.  Just thinking for now.  

The reason we are even considering this is because the Geiger Counter showed some higher than normal levels.  According to Susan and Suzanne we can be here for a 72 hours before any problems might appear.  We’ve also seen some dark clouds that look like smoke towards the direction of Terre Haute

July 24, 2012 1800

No steak tonight.  MRE’s, which I happen to enjoy.  I had to laugh watching the kids trade packets from their MRE’s amongst themselves.  Reminded me of being in the service.  Swapping crackers for dried fruit.  Bryson walked by and looked at me and sharing that common bond laugh of being veterans remembering the days of eating the green meals while in the field.

We’ve been talking about the whole idea of sending in a team.  Meagan, Melanie, and Shelley aren’t very happy.  Matter of fact they’re pissed.  I wonder why.  Maybe because Michelle, Bryson, Tyler and I are the team.  We are taking one FAV and the Hummer.  Tyler and I are taking the Hummer with Michelle and Bryson in the FAV.  Bryson has broken out the CBR gear and had a remedial class on how the suits and gear work.  The vehicles have been fully fueled and stripped of all non-essential gear.  All they have now are medical kits and weapons, along with plenty of spare ammo.

Our plan is to follow 41 down into town as far as we can to try and see if we can gather anymore information.  While we are gone I am leaving Shelley in charge of the convoy.  She has learned a lot in the past couple weeks and can handle things with no problem in my opinion.  I’ve left written instructions on how to make it to Eagle Nest without running into to many problems.  Also in those instructions are things she should do while we are gone like fueling all vehicles and checking them over.  That way we don’t have to worry about them for a little bit.  We also agreed that the camp should stay cold, no fires, to avoid detection.  I’m pretty sure they should be OK here since it’s definitely out of the way, in the woods and off the main roads. 

We have 48 hours to get back.  If we aren’t, they need to go on without us and we’ll either catch up or we won’t.  The need for information at this point is to great.  While Meagan and Melanie understand this it certainly doesn’t mean they have to like it.  Shelley is nervous, that’s why she is pissed.  I walked with her after dinner and letting her know that I believed in her and she could do it with no problem.  We shared a good laugh about how this was absolutely the dumbest thing that either of us had ever heard.  But in tough times what are you going to do?

July 24, 2012 2200

Tyler and Melanie disappeared earlier.  Funny thing is so did Michelle and Bryson.  What the hell?  They’re both going out on the mission but what they probably had in mind wouldn’t work in CBR suits. 

I’ve been playing with Piper for the last couple hours.  I realized that I haven’t spent much time with my own daughter and began feeling very guilty.  She and I took a walk around the camp looking at the trees and playing.  I miss her.  If I get back from this trip, I’m going to make sure that I spend as much time with her as I possibly can.

When we were done I put her to bed and will crawl into mine with my wife shortly.

Will we ever reach Eagle Nest?  Figure out what the hell happened?  God, will these children ever realize a normal life again?

Here I am sitting under the stars with damn near no light what so ever having a discussion with our Creator.  I have to use a red filtered flashlight to write this by.

Why me?  Why was I chosen to lead this group?  My wife, child and I could have stayed in that house out in the country for a very long time.  What made me travel to Indiana and hook up with Tyler?

I don’t have a whole lot of answers right now.  I hope God will speak to me somehow soon, so that I have an idea of what is what.

I have to go now.  My wife is probably waiting for me and 0400 comes very early.

Chapter 15