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I just thought I’d give everyone a little update as to where the novel is at the moment.

We are at approx. 12,500 words and 11 Chapters!

– To me that’s exciting

I have the route highlighted in my Road Atlas that has our group headed through all types of states to their final destination!

– If you don’t know the final destination, shame on you!  You haven’t read Chapter 11 yet!

I’m finding it a little tougher to write things as the complexity of who is doing what and where has gotten much more intertwined.  I have begun to keep notes for myself as to what is happening and also a timeline so I can easily check to see what is going on and when!

As you can probably imagine, the team has had it fairly easy so far.  We will be meeting a lot of new people along the way, good and evil, and we will continue to find out more information about where the people are and what has happened to the world.

I want to thank everyone who has been following the story, provided suggestions, and left comments.  Those comments make our lives somehow complete because we know that people are reading our stories! 

As always, I need to thank my team of helpers, Kreestee, DarcKnyt, DarcsFalcon and Bryce.  You guys have been a HUGE help and inspiration through this process!  I promise I’m completing this novel!

Take Care and God Bless,