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July 22, 2012 0900

I fully expected us to be on the road by now but something has happened.  We started picking up messages on the shortwave radio early this morning.  We ran an extra long antenna to improve reception, which helped, but I’m guessing that a radiation belt has moved out of the way.  If I remember correctly this is referred to as the Van Allen Effect or Van Allen Belts.

The messages are from all over the world.  So far we’ve only had recorded ones but we are hunting for live people.

Here is what we’ve found out:

  • England is gone.  They were hit by multiple nukes from Russia and India along with germ warfare.  The man speaking said there were some survivors but not many and the few he had run into were very very sick.
  • Canada appears to be in the same shape as the US.  All major cities are gone.  Nukes hit everywhere along with germ warheads.
  • Europe is a battle ground.  This long (22 days) after the war.  I guess that’s not shocking.  It had been predicted for a very long time that this would happen there
  • China has it’s hands full with Japan and Russia.  Japan working very hard to destroy China just like it did in WWII.  Russia nuked the shit out of all the cities in China and launched an invasion.  Evidently China is holding it’s own because it has so many ground troops.
  • Mexico got plastered also.  Mexico City was hit with germ warfare.  No one really knows who it was, but according to the recording we are hearing there is no one left alive now.
  • Nothing out of Africa, Central America, or South America.  The one place we did expect to hear something was Australia, but we aren’t hearing anything from them either.

Grim news to say the least.  It has all of us concerned.  At least the adults.  You know kids.  They are just excited they don’t have school.  Jokes on them.  Melanie is about ready to start up some sort of curriculum while the kids ride on the school bus.  For some reason I find that very amusing.

July 22, 2012 1200

We’ve reached someone on the radio that is in Alaska.  They have told us they could hear the bombers flying out but there were no attacks that far north.  I have to wonder if Juneau is still there.  They weren’t sure about that but they did confirm what we heard about Canada and China.  They had actually spoken to people in those locations.  They said they were doing OK and had no radiation other than the normal background.  They were hunting for meat and had a large bumper crop of vegetables this year so they were in great shape supply wise. 

We decided to make contact about once a week to share the information we had found if any and at least cheer each other up.  They said that there were a few minor issues of people going off on their own.  Those people weren’t heard from again.  Alaska is definitely no place to be trying that.

There was no point in pulling out this late in the day.  We probably wouldn’t have made it very far anyway.  As soon as this decision was made we picked up someone from rural North Carolina on the radio.  They informed us that the majority of the east coast was hot and would be for a very long time.  The were ok out in the country where they were but they were very worried about radiation clouds moving toward them.  They had a Geiger Counter and were testing everyday looking for anomalies but nothing had shown up yet.  They had heard that California was gone.  Evidently all the nukes that hit it set off the San Andreas Fault and the whole damn thing fell in the ocean like people had been predicting for years.  We were able to pass on some world news them and finally reached the same agreement with them that we have with Alaska.

July 22, 2012 2000

Now that was fun.  Exactly what the doctor ordered, literally.  He suggested after lunch that we have the kids play soccer or football.  Something for them to have fun.  Hell, by the time we got them playing we had an adult game started which turned out to be a lot fun.  We needed this.  It ended up becoming a giant picnic.  It was great. We started grilling out and the farmer and his wife were kind enough to bring out some raw carrots and a home baked apple pie for us.  They seemed to enjoy all the kids running around the field.  I broke out some of the whiskey to share which the farmer seemed to enjoy greatly.  We also left them quite a bit of coffee for them to enjoy.

The kids are going to pass out here soon.  There is no way they can run around like Tasmanian Devils all afternoon and not pass out.  Tyler, Bryson, and I had cigars after dinner while our wives and Michelle spoke in whispers looking over at us every so often and giggling.  Some things just never change, do they.  Just like a bunch of junior high kids.  The funniest part is that Tyler still has no clue what’s going on.  I’ve thought about separating Michelle and Bryson, by pulling Michelle back into the column but I really decided it wasn’t worth it.  I’m not going to do that unless need be.  It’s just pointless and demoralizing for that to happen.

Tomorrow we are back on the road.  Once again I want the FAV teams out about 3:45 and the rest of the convoy moving at 4.  We need to get moving toward Eagle Nest.  One day on the road and one day off does not help us at all.  At this rate we won’t get there until after Christmas and that would be very bad.

Good Night…

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