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July 21, 2012 1200

Eight hours on the road and we’ve traveled all of forty miles.  There are vehicles everywhere.  We are having to shove them off the sides of the roads or use a PTO winch to move them out of the way.

We took America Rd north from La Fontaine which eventually became route 524.  This leads directly to US Route 24.  The plan is to take 24 across Indiana to help avoid the major cities.  We are now currently just south of a town called New Waverly, IN.  There are a lot of abandoned vehicles on 24.  Probably the worst was near the towns of Wabash and Peru.  They had a decent population prior to the war, but not now. 

We sent two of the FAV’s into Wabash and they reported a lot of bodies but no gunshot wounds.  They said it looked like everyone just died where they were.  We got those two crews out of there FAST.  Sounded like germ warfare, so we brought them back to the convoy, had them tested real quick, and made them take showers just to be on the safe side.  Also burned their uniforms and gave them new ones.  Susan and Suzanne, the ladies from the CDC, said the crews were fine.

The CB chatter has been interesting.  Most people seem to be trying to figure out who we are.  They know we aren’t government because of the civilian vehicles mixed in but they are curious.  No one has come out to challenge us but we can hear them talking.

I’m really worried that we have tried to take on too much.  Maybe we should have setup shop in La Fontaine and just stayed there and seen if the government got back on it’s feet somehow.  What happens if this fails?  All these people have placed their lives in my hands and I’m not sure I can deliver.  Yes, I have an idea but damn this is a lot of responsibility and stress.  I can only hope that when it is all said and done, everything works out for the best.

I’ll be back and write more, scouts are on the radio and they have found something.   They want us to stop the column NOW.

July 21, 2012 1400

We had an uh-oh moment on our hands.  I ordered one of the FAV’s back to the column and my driver and I took the Hummer up to the scouts.  Appears there is a pretty good sized road block just west of Logansport.  This was going to be a problem.

Bryson and I dug into the woods next to the 24/35 interchange just west of Logansport and could see the barricade that was going to be a problem.  There was about 20-30 vehicles lined up four deep across 24.  It would take us awhile to get through that and it really did smell like a setup.

Finally we saw them.  About four or five people hidden behind an embankment.  We could just make out the tops of their heads.  We began scanning the handheld CB we had and finally found the channel they were on.

“Patrick, we need to kill all the men and take the women and kids back for slaves or for fun” was what our ears were treated to.  Bryson and I made eye contact knowing exactly what we had to do then and there.  I ran over to the Hummer and grabbed my favorite toy, the Barret .50 sniper rifle and Lt. James Bryson grabbed a Dragon missile.

When we did that, we had the drivers start the vehicles, so we could move quickly.  We also brought Michelle back to spot for me.

We didn’t have to wait long.  The untrained idiots stood up to stretch, Michelle spotted them in and I put two rounds down range.  I could see my success right through the scope as both heads disappeared in a gory mist.  It was a lot like watching a movie.  As soon as I let go with the second round James put an anti-tank missile into the barricade and it went up like a Roman Candle.  As many of those myth shows have proven, a round in a fuel tank won’t make a car explode but an anti-tank missile sure will light it up.  What a friggin mess.

As soon as the missile hit we were in the vehicles and moved in.  We saw two individuals running into the tree line but we decided not to pursue them.  It just wasn’t worth it.  I ordered the convoy moving and since they were close and the roads weren’t overly clogged they made it here from around Kienly Island in less than an hour.  The kids loved the bumps in the road from the explosion.  They thought it was a ride at a carnival.  I wish it had been.

July 21, 2012 2200

We’ve stopped in Lake Cicott, IN for the night.  We actually have two new members of the group also.  John and his girlfriend, Amanda.  They flagged down the FAV’s as they went by, which probably wasn’t the greatest idea.  They were lucky they didn’t get shot.

Turns out that John was a British exchange student who stayed here in the States after graduating.  Amanda was a local from Lake Ciciott.  We had a team meeting and decided they would fit right in.  I know it sounds a bit elitist to be voting people in to our group but when your everyday survival depends on each other, what else can you do?

John took us down to the lake for fishing so we had some trout and beef for dinner.  That’s right, more steak.  Ask me if I’m getting tired of that.  The fishing trip was a nice stress breaker.  I don’t think any of us have come to grips with all that has happened, so this was a good time for everyone to reflect on things.  That’s what fishing is for.

John and Amanda both worked on a local farm so we were able to get some cattle and fresh vegetables.  It was awesome.  We tried to talk the farmer, who was very nice and understanding, into joining us but they had lived there so long there was no way they would leave.  We made sure they were taken care of and invited them to eat dinner with us.  The farmer’s wife was in heaven playing with the kids.

After dinner we all sat down and discussed what was happening and what all we had learned so far.  The farmer knew about Indianapolis being gone but asked we didn’t tell his wife because that’s where their children lived.  Other than that there was nothing to tell.  He hadn’t had any run ins with the slime at Logansport but appreciated the info on them and he had heard the government was gone.  You could really tell that broke his heart.  He was a veteran also.

Tyler and I revealed to the group where we are headed.  There was silence followed by hubbub about the winter, food, and the mountains.  Once we finally got everyone to quiet down we explained why we chose Eagle Nest.  Secluded resort town.  Who is going to go to a resort when the world ends?  They would have the housing we need when we get there plus there is a lake for fishing.  The town only has a few entrances so we should be able to defend it easily and hopefully once we get there we will be forgotten about.  We do plan to continue picking up people on the way if they choose to join us in our ‘quest’.  We can pickup supplies on the way there and hopefully make it through the first winter with no problems.  This really seemed to settle everyone down and give them a sense of purpose in this journey.

The kids seem to be handling everything just fine.  It’s absolutely amazing.  They just keep on going.  I think the worry of the unknown is getting to all of the adults, but I did get quite a talking to from the group this evening about my little bit of self pity.  I was basically told to stow it because I had vision and that’s why they are all here.  To go someplace safe.  That is all we are all looking for.  It is out there.  We just need to get to it.

Distance traveled today – approx. 60 miles

Chapter 13