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July 20th 2012 0900

I’m going to apologize now for the lack of entries yesterday.  As in none, zero, zilch.  According to Meagan I tried to write the morning entry yesterday and it didn’t go so well.  She say she tried to get the journal away from me so Tyler could write in it but it didn’t quite work out to well.  Evidently I puked on his shoes.

I hurt.  Still.  Tyler keeps forcing me to drink water.  Thank God that psycho, Karen, only was able to poison one tank of water.  At least I’m starting to feel a little more human.  Tyler said he gave everyone the day off yesterday.  James, Michelle, Ron and Beth went out yesterday and actually found a full tanker of gas.  On the way back they stumbled upon a half full tanker so all our vehicles are full of fuel at this point.  Which is really good because we are leaving day after tomorrow.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  We have to get moving. 

Tyler and I have reconfirmed where we are heading and are in agreement.  It’s going to be a haul but we’ll make it.  We have continued to play this close to our vest for fear we may have another plant.  At one time we were going to fill everyone in but so far we’ve only brought Bryson in on this for his suggestions about how easily defended the town will be.  He thinks it will be just fine so we’ll have to wait and see.

July 20th 2012 1400

It was surprise time earlier and let me tell you, I was incredibly surprised!  He found us wireless microphones for operations, Dragon Anti-tank missiles (that don’t have to be just for tanks), and a 2 1/2 ton truck with a deer catcher/ plow on the front (still trying to figure out how he got it back here).

Now those are some nice toys. We will definitely be happy to have those items, they could be life savers!  Over my day off (ha ha) and today, he and Jeff, the armorer, have laid out all of our equipment.  They have also begun working on outfitting the adults with sidearms, fatigues, and gear that is necessary to survive if they get separated form our group.

One of the most amazing parts were the two lists Shelley handed me.  All our adult group members and all of the vehicles we have available to us.  This is going to let us lay things out for our trip.

Speaking of our trip, we’ve begun to align our vehicles in the order that we want them in the convoy.  We’ve put the FAV’s out front obviously.  We also put the 2 1/2 ton truck out front in case we need to move stuff out of the way on the road.  It also has a 50 caliber gun mount on it.  There were other vehicles we cold have taken like light tanks called LAV’s (Light Attack Vehicles also known as Pirahnas) but we just don’t have the people to crew them right now.  Maybe once we have more people.  We put the HMMV with the gun mount in the back in case of emergencies.

July 20th 2012 2000

Ever feel like you are being watched?  We are, we think.  I’ve talked with Bryson, Tyler, and Michelle and they all agree we need to move out early in the AM. 

We’ve had everyone begin packing their gear up and putting it in the vehicles so we are ready to go.  Our goal is to pull out at 4 AM.  That way no one out there is really ready for us and we’ll have the jump on them.  Each vehicle will have a driver and someone riding shotgun with them and the school bus with the kids will have a small defensive team with them.

We’ve had one more meeting and we are actually worried because it’s been ages since we’ve seen anyone.  There has been nothing new on the short wave for awhile so we have no idea.  Even though we are out in the country we still though we would have seen something or someone.  The FAV’s are going to be ranging out quite a distance in front of us in a staggered formation just in case.  Bryson was trying to rig the short wave for military channels but we can’t here anything. 

Each vehicle has been set up with a CB and myself, Tyler and the FAV teams will be wearing the wireless throat mikes for communication.

July 20th 2012 2400 +4 (0400 July 21)

Normally I would start a new days entry but since this is just really a continuation of yesterday I’m just adding on.

Everyone is really upbeat and ready.  We did a cold camp this morning and I’ve sent the FAV teams out already.  About 15 minutes ago.  I want them ranging our ahead of us by a few miles.  They’ve checked in and are ready to go.  They also reported to having seen nothing but wildlife.  No humans and no fires coming from any of the homes in the area. 

Tyler started at the front of the convoy walking back and I started at the rear, stopping at each vehicle to talk to the occupants and reassure them.  When we met in the middle we gave each other a quick hug and gave the call to mount up and move it out.  All the trucks fired right up and we began to move out on the road.

I brought everyone up on the wireless mikes and gave my orders.

“Scout vehicles out.  Make best speed for Eagle Nest, New Mexico.”

Chapter 12