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July 18th 2012 0900

I’ve invited Melanie to go with us so we can talk about Karen.  After the looks she was throwing me yesterday during my discussion with Karen, I felt I really needed to speak with her. 

What Melanie had to say was very disturbing and raised some serious questions in my mind.  Melanie told me that everything Karen told me about teaching was not just wrong but way wrong.  It didn’t make any sense.   Why would she lie to us?  What did she have to gain?

To be on the safe side, I got Shelley on the radio and asked her to have a couple people keep their eye on Karen.  If she didn’t anything odd I wanted to know all about it.  Basically fill me in on everything she did while we were gone.

I got Tyler, Michelle, and James on the horn and filled them in on what Melanie and I discussed.  Nobody was real happy about having to watch her every move but what choice do we have.

We are almost to Huntington.  I’ve been waiting to see what James’ surprise is going to be and what we can scavenge out of the surplus store.  I’ll let you know what happens!

July 18th 2012 1400

Ever feel like a kid in a candy store?  You should have seen James at the armory.  He just kept throwing stuff in the box truck.  I just watched with raised eyebrows, chuckling under my breath.  Some of the gear I recognized and some of it I didn’t but I guarantee that we got a lot of it.  I really don’t think anyone is going to find anything worthwhile in that place when we are done.

Sent Melanie and Tyler over to the surplus store and they’ve come back already.  Tyler said they grabbed everything that was left.  Fatigues, camping supplies, boots, knives.  You name it they grabbed it.  Emptying out their vehicle should be interesting.

We are headed back now to the camp.  Shelley came over the radio and said there had been a problem but wouldn’t say what it was.  I’m in the FAV racing ahead of everyone as they follow with supply trucks.  Michelle is driving and she is crazy.  I thought my wife was a bad driver.  Shit, she hasn’t got anything on Michelle.

When we got back to camp, I saw what I was afraid of.  Karen on the ground hog tied with Flexi-cuffs.  Shelley came right and told me what happened.

Meagan and Shelley had been watching Karen when she went over near our water tanks.  Shelley said she saw Karen take something out of her pocket and unscrew a lid.  Meagan said Karen then proceeded to open of the water tanks and pour something in before they could stop her.

Shelley handed me the small vial that Karen had and I took a whiff of it.  Smelled like bitter almonds, which told me right away what it was.  Cyanide.  What the fuck is going on?!?

I pulled Meagan and Shelley to the side and said that we would have a trial that evening.  I wanted everyone informed and to be there, except for the children.  It would be a trial of her peers.  She would have a chance to testify and so would Meagan and Shelley about what they saw.

July 18th 2012 2000

Michelle and I gathered everyone into the center of the camp.  I had already spoken with her about watching the children with Kristin and she jumped at the chance.  Bryson kept and eye on Karen while Tyler sat next to me.  I brought up what the charge was.  Attempted murder.  I then asked Meagan and Shelley to tell there stories.  Explain to the rest of the group what they saw and what they did.  I showed the vial that contained the cyanide.

Finally I gave Karen a chance to tell her story.  Byrson cut her feet loose and led her into the center of the group.  She immediately started screaming about how Bad Moon Rising was only the beginning and that we would meet our end at the hands of the righteous.  We were all sinners and every last one of us would die.

Once she was done with her rants and raves, I put a Guilty/ Not Guilty vote up to the group.  We did it through secret ballot so no one would be put on the spot. 

Unanimous.  Imagine that.  Tyler, Bryson, and I handled the sentence.  Karen was loaded in the back of a truck and we took her down to one of the local farms.  In one of the barns on that farm, you will find Karen’s body with a bullet in her head.  Originally, I wasn’t going to say who did it.  After thinking about it though I decided to admit it was me.  Nobody and I mean absolutely know one messes with my people.  Especially the kids.  I’ve always had a soft spot for kids.  I was so pissed I didn’t even puke after shooting her.

Standing there in that field, we three men decided on thing.  No group or individual would ever tear us apart.  I don’t care who you are.  We will fight to the death for our family and friends.  As a team we are going to train our group with every piece of knowledge and impart every skill we have on them.

You know what really pissed me off about today?  I still don’t know what Bryson’s damn surprise is! 

July 18th 2012 2345 -Tyler

I just got done helping Meagan put Grey to bed.  He’s in pretty bad shape.  We killed that fifth of scotch pretty quickly.  With all the stress of the day, I can see why he got trashed so easily.  I imagine I’ll be making the morning entry.  The Meagan’s standing order is to let him sleep things off.

Chapter 11