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had a wonderful THANKSGIVING!

The crazies have finally left. And miracualously we have survived. Evidently my wife alternatingly laughed and cried through dinner. I didn’t personally witness this but she did mention it right after everyone left. I think if we had it to do all over again, we would driven to Darcknyt’s and Darcsfalcon’s for dinner and said screw it. I hope you guys enjoyed your crab legs for dinner! Or at least something unique! One day I’m going to show up on your doorstep with an ~OtF~ shirt on so you at least no I’m not some whacko selling vacuum cleaners door to door!

So let’s talk about ‘After the End’. What does eveyone think so far? Do I continue? Or do I just go back to my goofy zombie poems? I’d really like to hear from everyone before I continue working on this. I’m part way through Chapter 9 and have my ideas line up for the next few chapters. Please let me know your thoughts! I think we are actually going to go ahead and do a Poll!!!