to all of us who are celebrating it tomorrow!

My good friend, DarcsFalcon, had a wonderful post last week called ‘Gratitude’, that can be read at this LINK, and that has inspired me to write this post listing all the people and things that I am grateful going into this holiday season.  So here we go…


  1. Kreestee – What do I say here about my spouse?  LOVING and Fiercely Indepent.  Always there for me when I need help (even though she’ll laugh at me sometimes).  She has spurred my muse on and has been a constant source of inspiration as I write.  She ensures I take the time to sit down and write as often as possible even if the world around us is spinning out of control.  She never fears to tell me what she thinks and for that I am truly grateful!
  2. babyZombie – You are going to change me and my life when you come.  You will yank me out of my stagnation and force me to see things in a completely different light.  I look forward to that day.
  3. Jersey & Shiloh – My girls.  I love you know matter what.  Even when you pee on the floor out of sheer anger.  I still love you and it hurts to chastise you.  Your unquestionable love has changed my life for ever.
  4. Alice & Heather (plus families) – Somehow after all these years we have found each other and it has certainly restored a part of me that was missing.  Your unquestionable friendship and love means the absolute world to me.  Bringing me into your lives and families has made me an incredibly happy person.  For all the years we have known each I am enormously thankful.
  5. My friends – DarcKnyt, DarcsFalcon, KnytStalker, Bryce Beattie, and of course Kreestee.  With out their constant encouragement and guidance, I truly believe most of my work would still be in my head and not out in the open, where it belongs for people to enjoy.
  6. DarcKnyt – Without you my friend I would not be where I am today, either as a person or as a writer.  Your constant encouragement and gentle manner have been absolute god sends through my development.  Your friendship is priceless.  For having you and yours in my life and I TRULY thankful.
  7. J Dane Tyler’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ – This work was the final catalyst in my writing on  I had been reading online zombie fiction for a few months by many different writers (one of which I will mention in a minute) but it was this story and the author’s notes and encouragement that got me started.
  8. DarcsFalcon’s online humor and honesty in life – Her daily writings truly ground me and bring me back to Earth when I am starting to float away.  Her innocent comments and articles truly make me rethink a lot of my positions in life and for that I am truly thankful.
  9. KnytStalker following of J Dane Tyler – She truly made me realize I am not crazy for the eagerness with which I follow a story.  Her devotion to Tyler’s work is inspiring and was another major push for me to put my insanity down on a piece of paper or typed into wordpress.
  10. Bryce Beattie’s ‘Oasis’ – The link that helped me find this group of nurturing friends.  An amazing story with an infuriating end (that I now understand).  I could read this story over and over again and truly do believe it to be one of the best pieces of Zombie Fiction I’ve ever read.  Through him I found the works of J Dane Tyler and the rest of this crew and for that I am thankful.
  11. Being an AMERICAN – Many of you know I’m a veteran.  The reason I chose to serve in the first place is to defend our rights for what I do now.  Freedom.  Freedom to speak.  Freedom to live.  On this day of Thanks please remember our troops overseas, no matter their mission or location, because at the end of the day, they are AMERICANS also.


  1. My Parents – Even though they have no idea what I’m talking about when I write they support me in this.  They are always there for me and mine and for that I am grateful.
  2. The worlds best in-laws – While different and the complete opposite of what I grew up with, they are wonderful people.  When I talk of things they may not understand, they smile and nod.  They teach all of us what it is to be giving and how to handle large families.  They have truly taught me how important it is to live your life by your values and to stick up for them.
  3. My Siblings – Truly amazing people who everyone should have a chance to know.  They are wonderful and supportive and have always been there for me when I’ve needed help.