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July 16th, 2012 0900

Well, if you are reading this it’s obvious we made it out.  Meagan and Melanie will be fine.  As a matter of fact Meagan is fast asleep next to me.  The doctor had some sedatives that he was able to get the women to take and hopefully those will help.  He is worried about the long term effects of their short captivity but right now we focusing on the immediate symptoms.  Hopefully we will have more time down the road to deal with any long term problems.

The funny part was we couldn’t get Tyler to let go of Melanie so we ended up setting them up up in the back of the box van we had found in the town.  We are going leave their amorous reunion alone for awhile.

Tyler has settled down quite a bit since the rescue and appears to be doing fine.  He came out of it with flying colors.  Appears I’m the only one that is going to have a joyful reminder.  I took a round through the leg, but it was a through and through so just muscular damage.  Doc said I’d be ok.  Just a scar and a limp for a little bit.  Michelle is a combat junkie.  She is fine and is basically taking care of camp security for now.  Shelley didn’t have any problems while we were gone but she was damn scared.

Let me get some rest and I’ll fill you in on what happened.

 July 16th, 2012 1300

Damn it hurts to walk.  Tyler finally has come out of hiding.  He doesn’t look quite as scary as he did earlier.  So let’s see, where do I begin.

I loaded up Michelle and Tyler with three TOWs apiece and sent them and their vehicles to the East and West respectively.  My driver and I stayed in the South.  At 0200 we lit into them.  We let go with every TOW we had.  We hit most of their vehicles and a couple buildings.  Looked like roman candles going off down there.  As soon as I fired my last TOW, I could hear the other two FAVs roaring into the camp with their machine guns firing.  I threw the Barrett into the back of my buggy and had the driver take off.  We blew right into the camp and I immediately took a round in the leg.  Take a stick and light it on fire.  Then stab your leg with it.  That’s pretty damn close.  If it wasn’t for the FAV I wouldn’t have been moving anywhere quick.

Ever have one of those moments where you realize you did something very stupid?  Fast Attack Vehicles only carry two people.  How the hell are we going to get the prisoners out?  Dumb.  Stupid.  Absent mindedness gets people killed.

Now here is the funny part.  Wanna guess how many bad guys were in camp?  A whopping total of fifteen.  They were dead in the first few moments.  Michelle capped the guy that shot me.  The last thing I saw is all the more reason to not mess with Tyler.

The ugliest human that I’ve ever seen, that I can only assume is Bad Moon Rising, strolled out from behind one of the buildings and walked bold as all get out right into the middle of the compound where my driver and I were.  Ugly bastard.  Looked like he had taken a little radiation, you know what I mean?  Not burned or scarred but missing most of his hair and his eyes were a really weird color.  I tell you one thing, you could smell this guy a mile away.  Smelled like a pig sty that hasn’t been sluiced out in ages.  Damn he was disgusting!

Brent, my driver, swung his M-16 over to cover Rising.  Round about that moment Tyler came out of barn with Melanie in his arms and Meagan by his side.  They looked ok, but a little rough around the edges.  Meagan has a mouth on her sometimes so my guess is the bruises are a result of that.  I could see the fire in her eyes so I knew she would be just fine.  Melanie looked a little wobbly, but she was in otherwise good shape.  Maybe just a little overwhelmed by everything that has happened.  Remember that this is a lot b-grade movie that we never thought would happen.

Tyler simply walked over and laid Melanie in the passenger seat of his FAV.  He stood upright and walked over to to within ten feet of Rising.  Tyler went to drop his 9mm but it never left his hand.  In that split second you could see Rising relax just bit.

Just a bit, right before you saw the light shine through the hole in his head.

Tyler had whipped his 9mm up and put one round through Rising’s peanut brain.  What was rising crumpled right to ground like his feet had been kicked our from under him.  No five foot flight through the air.  Just a mist of gore and his corpse folded right up and collapsed to the ground.  Good riddance.

Tyler and Melanie got in the back of a miracle pickup (one that didn’t get blown up) and Meagan and I joined them.  She curled up in my arms.  I took a quick peek at Tyler and he was enjoying the same moment with Melanie.

I looked at the barn and Michelle and the drivers were leading some prisoners out.  Susan the nurse, Karen the teacher, and many more women were led out.  The final person to be led out was a man about my size and build.  A lot like Tyler too.  Looked like he could run all day long.  He seemed very familiar to me.  I think it was the uniform he was wearing.  The Navy Blues of a US Naval Officer.  Even more so the emblem he wore on his chest, the Trident of the US Navy SEALs.

He limped up to me and said, “They tell me your name is Grey.  Lt. James Bryson, USN, at your service.”

Oh, I do believe Mr. Bryson and the rest of us will have a lot to talk about.

Chapter 9