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July 15th, 2012 0700

Ever seen ‘Apocalypse Now’?  That whole line about loving the smell of Napalm in the morning?  Not so much.  There is no high.  There is no puking this time.  Just utter sadness with a dose of fear.

Melanie and Meagan are missing.  We lost about ten adults, either in the fight or afterwards when they just fled.

To say things didn’t go so well would be an understatement.  Tyler is freaking out and chomping at the bit to go after the women.  Understandable.  It’s our wives.

When we said approximately 150 bad guys, we meant approximate.  I would say now that it is over, it was about 200 -250.  We were sadly out numbered.  The only thing that saved our asses were the techs showing up with not one but three FAVs.  With the big dune buggy light bars on them, they lit up Bad Moon Rising’s boys and we turned it into a turkey shoot.  I’d guess we got about 125 of them before they left.

It was hand to hand at some points.  Tyler reminded me of a Kodiak Bear.  He was just dropping people left and right.  I ended up having to use a hand axe.

Now we have to figure out what the hell to do.  How do we get the girls back.  Time to put our heads together.  Tyler wants to go now but we need to rest and have some idea of what we are doing or we will end up dead also.  Don’t get me wrong, he knows that.  This is just very difficult.

The children are ok.  Some what shaken up obviously, but they were well protected and rather safe in that bunker.  I had put Jeff, our armorer, in there with a SAW and orders to shoot anyone coming through the door. 

More later.

July 15th, 2012 1200

We are going after Meagan and Melanie.  There is no doubt about that.  Tyler and I are rested and ready.  We are actually taking all three FAV’s to go after them.

I’ve left a letter with Shelley to open in case we don’t return.  I’ve given her detailed instructions to the house in the hill over in Ohio and all the codes and locations of booby traps I left behind.  If they don’t hear from us 12 hours after we’ve left, they are to leave and hide out there.

We found out from one of Rising’s men where there camp is.  It is on the other side of Huntington at a farm.  He was able to give us the information we need about the place for Tyler and I to come up with a good plan.  We also found out that it was that group of people that wouldn’t defend themselves, that gave away our location.  Damn.  The prisoner said the men were killed but some of the women were held prisoner at Rising’s camp.

Please, never ask me how I got that information.  That is something I’ll have to live with the rest of my life.

We have to change the way we do business in the future.  Stricter about the people we bring in.  This isn’t a game of survival.  It is survival.  What’s the old saying?  DTA.  Don’t Trust Anyone.  Don’t see that we have much of a choice at this point.  When it’s friends and children involved you can’t take in just any stray off the street.  To much is riding on this.

July 15th, 2012 1600

We’ve just left the armory.  Wanted to see if there was anything we could use in the vault and there was.  Because we know there are prisoners we can’t use artillery or mortars but we found crates of TOW missiles, of which we have taken ten missiles.  I’m not playing around this time.  I’ve also found a Barrett M-107.  It is a .50 caliber sniper rifle.  I’m in hog heaven!

We have techs driving the three FAVs since they built them and the rescue team consists of myself, Tyler, and Michelle.  We included Michelle because she is damn good and she knows the area.

It’s cloudy out so we are leaving now and which go in around dusk and see what we can do to get Meagan and Melanie out of there.  We are going to line up at a distance and begin taking out vehicles with the TOWs.  I’m going to hang back to begin with and start dropping guards with the Barret and turn the other two FAVs with Tyler and Michelle loose.  They will assault the camp and then dismount and take out anyone that isn’t a prisoner.  Once I’m done sniping, my vehicle will come in also and continue to take bad guys out while the other two execute the rescue.  We know the prisoners are in the barn.  That’s what we have to leave alone but I want all other barracks and buildings burning.  We all have white phosphorous grenades and those should start fires quite nicely.  I want that camp in utter confusion when we get into it.

This will not be pretty but it should work in the long run.  We all have Kevlar on so we should be safe.  I’ve talked to the other five in the team and the best thing I could say was “keep your head while all others around you are losing their’s and good luck”.  Real inspiring, huh?  Where is Gen. Schwarzkopf or  Gen. McArthur when you need them?

If things go bad I hope someone finds this journal.  If things go good, well, keep reading because there will be more entries.

God Bless America.  IF there is one left…

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