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July 13th, 2012 0930

The votes are in.  Not everyone is happy and it appears we are losing eight adults and the associated children.  I’m not an ogre so I’m letting those that want to take their weapons to do so.  Also we will give them a supply of water and food.  I really do wish them the best.

We are down to thirty-five adults.  Not too bad.  I’m sure as we progress we will pick up some more.

Basically, we have decided that I will run military/survival operations.  Shelley is going to handle inventory and all other aspects like medical, food, and children.  She is tough as nails and of course picked Melanie and Meagan as her aides.  Good choices I think.

Four of us are going into Huntington here very soon because we need to outfit one of the duallies as a gun truck.  We are going to add some armor and a gun turret to it so that we have another mobile weapons platform.  Shelley has asked if they can send some people along to scavenge.  The weird thing is we never saw anyone else in the town other than us.  Wonder where everyone has gone?  I suggested that Kristin and Michelle go along since they know the town.

Will update later after our return.

July 13th, 2012 1830

We are back.  All of us this time.  The crew that went scavenging was able to load up their truck plus the back of the HMMV.  We also were able to get the dually armored up and the turret/gun mount installed.  We basically welded plates of 1/2 steel all over the truck and then cut an opening in the top of the camper so we could mount an M-60 or .50 cal on top.

Probably, our most ambitious project is the one that is still sitting in the garage at the dealership.  We grabbed one of the dune buggies that was left in town and towed it over so the guys could go back and work on it until they build a FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle).  Something that can range out ahead of our convoy and have a lot of maneuverability.  This was some of our tech guys idea and I really like it.  If we had two that would be even better.

We still have not seen anyone else.  Tonight we are having steak from some cattle that we found and tested.  They are ok to eat, thank heavens.  We are trying very hard not to dip into our rations, if at all possible, to try and prolong their use.

I think tomorrow will be a day off for people to do as they please.  We have been so busy no one has bothered to take time for themselves and now is as good a time as ever.  I might also take some time to sit down with Tyler and Shelley and discuss some different topics. 

I’m going to turn this over to Tyler to make the last entry of the day.  I want to go spend time with Meagan and Piper. 

Back tomorrow.

July 13th, 2012 2200 – Tyler

Grey is a good guy.  He has the best of intentions for the whole group.  That’s why I rigged the whole election thing.  Wasn’t trying to screw him like he would have you believe but he really is the best suited for the job.  He has a lot more leadership and military experience than the rest of us combined.

We were talking earlier about what they went through in Ohio but he won’t say a whole lot about the refugees he saw leaving the cities.  He was adamant that we not set foot near any large cities.  Can’t say I disagree.  Even if they were ‘clean’ nukes there is still going to be some radiation.

I think the group is starting to get itchy about moving on and I’m willing to be that’s what Grey wants to talk about tomorrow with me and Shelley.  Sounds like a plan.  My guess would be someplace like Iowa or Idaho.  Somewhere in that area.

I’m starting to put together some suggestions for combat/defense teams.  Not hard since there is only thirty-five of us now.  Melanie and Meagan seem to be working really well together on setting up some sort of schooling.  We also have Tammy, who worked in the medical profession, setting up our medical system at Shelley’s request.

Sorry to lose those eight people and their families, but it was a choice that had to be made.  I’m not a violent person, but we are in a tough time and I think violence maybe the only language that some of the survivors out there understand.

I’m going to take stock of our ammo and weapons supplies tomorrow also.  Grey said he had some reload gear so I’ll look at what we have and don’t have.  I’m really concerned that if we get into to many shoot outs that we’ll run out of ammo and then really be in trouble.  Grey mentioned something about going shopping at an armory.  I’ll have to bring that up tomorrow.

I’m getting like Grey.  I’ve changed my mind.  We have a man by the name of Jeff in our group who used to run a gun shop.  Jeff, you sir have just been promoted to Chief of the Armory.  Ha.

The camp is quiet tonight.  I’ll be taking my turn at guard duty here in a little bit.  It’s nice because no one complains or bitches about pulling guard duty.  We also haven’t heard anything new on the short wave but maybe we’ll pick something up later. 

Going to take a power nap before I go on watch.

July 13th, 2012 2345 – Tyler

Had to wake Grey up.  I heard a loud explosion to the southwest of us and a mushroom cloud appeared in the night sky.  If I didn’t know what it was I’d think it was beautiful the way the flames licked the sky.  That’s the writer coming out in me.

Unfortunately, we think Indianapolis took another nuke.  What we don’t understand is why?  Why did another bomb go off this long after the original war?  Was it a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) weapon?  Like a Doomsday Device?  Or was it something that didn’t go off when it hit the first time?

I think the concept of our moving has just been forced to reality.  We will definitely need to head west now.  The wind is easterly now but who knows when that will change.  I’ve ordered the Geiger counter turned on just in case.

Back to my watch.

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