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July 12th, 2008 1600

Things didn’t go well with our little trip today.  We got the vehicles.  That wasn’t a problem.  It was like taking candy from a baby.  Walked into the dealer ship and found the keys on the new vehicle board.  Four duallies with caps and three pickups.  Even got some lumber so we can build some storage racks in the trucks.

Ever hear the rumor that you can pickup walkie-talkie chatter on a CB?  It’s definitely true.  As we approached Huntington in the armed Humvee we started picking up some faint transmissions from inside the town.  It sounded like some people had another group trapped inside some store fronts.

We rolled into town trying to stay as quiet as possible.  We parked the truck behind a Burger King and started out on foot.  Gotta admit, we are starting to look like a little army in cammies.  Basically we leap frogged down the street towards the gunfire.  Not sure who was the good guy or bad guy, but we would be able to tell pretty damn quick. 

As we were about a half block a half block out, the man in front of me, George, lost his head.  Not like went crazy lost his head but like exploded in a mist of blood lost his head.  I guess they made the good guy-bad guy thing even easier for us.

Damnit.  George was the guy that was going to leave today but he and I talked for awhile this morning and he decided he would stay.  Nice guy.  As selfish as this is, at least he was single.  I won’t have a grieving family on my hands when we get back to La Fontaine.

We all took cover out of instinct as soon as we saw what happened.  Tyler was the first to spot them and opened fire dropping three with one burst.  I laid out my weapon, a SAW (5.56mm Squad Assault Weapon) and let go.  I managed to knock down five of them.  They ran.  Quickly.

It was like a scene out of Mad Max.  Dune buggies and motorcycles running down the street.  What the hell.  We looked at the bodies on the ground and found nothing of interest but a bunch of scummy looking “Road Warriors”.  People do take their movies a bit to seriously don’t they?

While the other guys covered us, Tyler and I made it to the storefront where the shoot out had happened.  Once we convinced the occupants we were good guys they lowered their weapons.  They as in women.  Michelle and her daughter, Kristin.  They had put up one hell of a fight.  While they calmed down we policed the area for casings and weapons.  Not much to be found.  The women had been holed up in a grocery store.  They had been out scavenging for food.

Tyler and I talked about it and asked the women if they wanted to join our group.  They readily accepted so we finished going through the grocery store and beat feet back to our camp near La Fontaine.  The armory trick will have to wait for another time.

I hope this whole puking thing ends soon.  It’s getting rather annoying to do this when something traumatic happens.

Back later with more.  There is some sort of problem at the camp.

July 12th, 2008 2000

One of the things I feared happening has happened.  One of our patrols found a group of religious people that are seeking refuge.  They refuse to fight, even for their own survival.  You know those types.  The ones that say guns kill people?  Yeah, right.  Without intention a gun is an inanimate object.  It is the intention of the person picking it up that turns it into a killing machine.  I took a vow a long time ago that I would NOT be the person to open the dance but I sure as hell would out tango the person.  I want to live damnit.

Now we have to decide what to do.  Everyone in our original group, mine and Tyler’s, will pick up a weapon but some of the people believe we should look out for these poor, misguided souls.  We got back and walked into a shit storm of bickering.  Just what we needed.  All these trucks and two new members coming back and our group is divided and bitching.  Oh joy.

Tyler looked at me as if I had all the answers.  I have only one.  If it was just me I’d say hell no, but it’s a group and while the government is dead, as long as I’m around, the concept of democracy is still alive.

I called the group together, including the new religious folk and made the following speech.

“As many of you know, there is no more United States.  There are no laws and no one to enforce them if there still were.

It is time for our group to determine how we are going to operate.  For long term survival any group of people must have set rules to exist.

While the majority of you have placed your faith in me, it is time to elect some official leaders and set up some ground rules. 

I propose that we choose a leader through secret ballot and that person basically will appoint a cabinet.  Then again through popular vote we will enact certain rules that our group must follow for survival.  There are now 43 adults.  We are getting larger and must set something in place to make things run smoother.

If you agree raise your hand.

unanimous response

Tyler and Shelley are now passing out paper ballots to elect a leader.  Just like before the bombs came, keep your vote to yourself until after they have been tallied.  Once we have a count we will call everyone back together for a future discussion.”

We collected all the votes and had 10 random people verify the count.

Did I mention this day was not going so well?

Once again we have a unanimous vote.  I’ve been elected leader of our ragtag bunch.  Fuck me.

July 12th, 2008 2200

The entire group is together.  I realize I’ve been setup because every single one of them is smiling.

Damn.  Ok.  Fine.  Time for some good old revenge.

I made Tyler, to his great displeasure, my right hand go to guy.  I need someone I trust.  That’s him.

Shelley is going to run the admin side of stuff.  If I’m running the whole shooting match I’ll need someone to handle the day to day stuff.  Gotcha Shelley.

The first rule I proposed was about defending our group.  I knew this would be extremely controversial.  I figured we would lose some people with what I was about to propose.  That’s why it needed to be first.

“I want everyone to think about this tonight.  We will vote again in the morning.  No more patrols or trips into towns until we get this figured out.

I propose that ALL members of this group MUST be willing to pick up a weapon and kill in defense of our group. 

We are entering an unknown and dark period in human history.  All those ‘bad people’ we bitched about for years are still out there.  They will be gunning for people like us.  Every single one of us must be willing and able to stand in defense of our group.”

Oh, did that comment set things on edge.  Some happy and unhappy people.  I reminded them that we wouldn’t vote until the morning and to go get some rest.

July 12th, 2008 2330

Meagan just went to bed.  We discussed my proposed rule and to my surprise she agreed with me.  Thank heavens for small favors.  She has also asked me to teach her how to shoot better.  More from a combat stand point.  The woman never ceases to amaze me.

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