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July 11th, 2012 1900

Sorry it has taken so long for an entry, but we finally made it to La Fontaine, Indiana.  We’ve been getting to know Tyler’s family and the group he has collected.  Kind of funny but he reminds me a lot of myself.  Big guy but most of it’s muscle.  He is cautious without being unfriendly.  We actually talked on the CB’s for a little bit before we entered their camp.

They set up base in a copse of trees that is set well off the road behind a farm.  Works perfectly to stay hidden plus we can have fires in the camp since there is plenty of dry wood around.

Tyler, his wife Melanie, and their kids were out of the city when the balloon went up just like us.  They have managed to get together with some other families for protection.  They have some small arms but when we rolled up in the Hummers their jaws hit the floor.  I think he may have peed himself when we opened up the backs and started unloading the gear we brought with us.  We were able to outfit all the adults, at least, with a sidearm of some sort.  The men with weapons experience also got automatic assault rifles.

Their contribution was a ton of medicine.  They had found a looted drug store, where the idiots only took the drugs that were narcotics.  Meagan and I could cover the narcotic side if we needed to from our stash but they had cold medicine, pain relievers, and all types of goodies.  That is a HUGE help.

Vehicle wise they were suffering a little bit.  A couple station wagons and four door sedans.  We’ll need to remedy that, but it shouldn’t be difficult.

Most of the women are playing with the kids.  It’s definitely a relief for me that Piper now has other kids to play with.  Some of the men are listening to the shortwave we brought in with us and the others are sitting around the fire with Tyler.  I think we are going to set up some sort of plan here in a little bit. 

I’ll get back to you on that.

July 11th, 2012 2230

Well things have gotten interesting.  Tyler wants me to lead our motley crew.  One man protested and he is leaving in the morning.  Shame cause I kinda liked the guy.

Most of the group is in agreement that we need to find a base of operations or someplace to hold up for awhile.  We just don’t have any idea what to look for.  Keeping away from the cities is a priority but past that we just aren’t sure.  Tomorrow some of us are taking my Hummer and going after trucks and four wheel drive vehicles.  We have to be able to go off road if need be.

I also have surprise for them….

Oh god no…

The government no longer exists.  It was just on the short wave.  Washington took a direct hit from a nuke.  There is nothing left according to what we are hearing.  The Vice-President was killed in a terrorist attack and the President was in the White House when the bomb hit.  There is no one left to speak for the country.  For all intents and purposes The United States of America is no more.

This changes things a lot.  We all agreed that the game just changed from hanging on to a game of long term survival.  There would be no help.  We are on our own.

Everyone is very upset right now.  I guess I just had a feeling this was coming sooner or later.  We had become such a bad guy in the world we had to be a primary target.

The other men are going to take turns monitoring frequencies on the short wave to see if they can gather more information.

Back to my surprise.  After reading the Ashes series by Johnstone I have always wanted to raid an armory and see if I could find a hidden cache of gear and weapons.  According to the list Mr. Walker, our benefactor, left us there is one in Huntington which is only 30 miles away.  I’m sure there are car lots there also, that we might be able to raid for vehicles.  I hate to do this but without a government what else are we supposed to do?  After talking to everyone, we have realized that no one has seen any police or military anywhere they have gone.  What has happened to all the authorities?

July 11th, 2012 2400

All major US cities are gone.  The team listening to the radio has picked up some more broadcasts.  It sounds like all major cities in the world got hammered.  The fallout clouds are causing problems along with the germ warfare that was released.  We can only believe that our loved ones in the cities are gone.

We thought we heard a firefight earlier.  I think starting tomorrow, we will need to start sending out some patrols on foot to the nearby farms to see if they can find anything or anyone.  When we go into Huntington tomorrow we are going to look for some delivery type vans to carry supplies.  Our only concern is out their off-road abilities.  I’m sure we’ll find something.  We have also decided that we will continue to pick up survivors if they want to join us.  We have enough gear for some more people or families.

Tyler and I have discussed where we are going to head some more and I think we’ve decided on somewhere like Idaho or Montana.  There is plenty of land to live off of out there and a smaller population so it shouldn’t be to crowded.  Meagan and Melanie have become the pack mothers and Melanie knows a lot about home schooling.  I definitely think we need to get something temporary set up for the kids until we find a final base of operations.

Once again we have been lucky.  Our group represents a lot of various backgrounds but we do seem to be like minded.  We have some engineers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, techies, and domestic goddesses.  Very lucky indeed.

More tomorrow after our shopping trip.

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