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July 9th, 2012 0800

Damn, I’m tired.  I just finished getting through everything on the inventory list.  I’m probably more astounded at the things I found than I am tired.  You name it he had it.  I mean, medical kits and antibiotics, grenades, grenade launchers, fatigues, ghillie suits, handguns, assault rifles, heavy machine guns, mines, explosives…..

Perhaps the greatest item this man had isn’t one item but the hidden garage that contains them.  Two military issue Humvees.  I cried.  Packed in cosmoline was a .50 caliber machine gun for one of them.  The other has the hard back for storage.  The garage is so hidden that no one will ever find it so when it’s time, I’m going to put the pickups in there.  And forget it, I’m not going to write in here how to find it.  You want it, you’ll have to speak to me.

So you’ll have to excuse me as I’m now going to catch some z’s for awhile and then I’ll go back to work

July 9th, 2012 1300 

Much better.  Now I can get back out there and go through some more equipment.

July 9th, 2012 1500

My wife is upset we are just taking this stuff.  I’ve tried to explain to her that normally we wouldn’t, but the man left it all for whoever found it.  That would be us and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure we survive.

Been on the shortwave for a little bit and may have found a group to hook up with.  A crew over in Indiana, who took off out of Chicago when the shit hit the fan.  The man I talked to is named Tyler and appears to be in charge of the group.  I think as soon as we are loaded up we are going to make the run to Indiana and try and hook up.

I’ve been loading everything I can fit into the Humvees.  We are going to need as much as we can pack if we are going to hook up with this other crew.  I did find a couple bonus items today also when we were going through some ammo boxes.  I found one that was full of  South African Gold Kugerrands.  Those will definitely help since I’m sure no one is excepting the dollar anymore.  Meagan and Piper stumbled across a recently calibrated Geiger Counter.  Woohoo!  This will be a huge help.  Of course I had to go out and verify the area and there are no high readings yet.  It has been windy from the West so I think any radiation clouds are going east.

I’ve changed my plans again.  I think we are going to make a run for it tonight.  With the NVG’s and the red running lights on the truck I think we will make it out of here with no problem.  My idea is to take the HMMV with the .50 out and take care of that road block if it is still there.  Then come back and Meagan can drive the other HMMV out behind me and we will head west.  Going to talk to her now about that. 

More later.

July 9th, 2012 2330

We made it.  On the Indiana-Ohio border but it was rough going.

We left Piper at the house.  It was out of necessity.  I didn’t want her near that roadblock but I let Tyler know what we were doing and that we would check in after dealing with the local-yokels.  He said if they didn’t hear from us they’d come get Piper.  So she was at the house with her toys while I buttoned up Meagan in body armor so she could drive and I put on mine so I could use the .50 mount in the top.

We were going to try the nice approach first.  I don’t think they saw us coming because we only had the red lights on and were wearing the NVG’s.  Didn’t really matter because they heard us and opened up right away.  Thank heavens Meagan watched NASCAR because she spun that Hummer sidewise right as I let go with the fifty cal.  It didn’t take long.  I took a round in my vest that hurt like hell, but it was light caliber.  No broken ribs.  Wasn’t much left when we were done except some burning vehicles.  I think most of them ran away, but I could see a couple bodies. 

I went out and policed the area like I was taught and picked up all the weapons, which were mostly small caliber hunting rifles.  I grabbed the brass casings for reloading and any ammo I could find.  Got another spare CB out of one of the trucks I didn’t blow up.  These guys were nasty.  Filthy, poor running vehicles and the weapons were dirty.  I’ll have to clean those.  Nothing on the guys I killed but some denim and flannel.

After we were done puking we went back to the house in the hill and grabbed Piper and the other HMMV and started out west bound.  Other than seeing a couple other vehicles it was very uneventful.  Thank God.

We’ve pulled off into a stand of trees near the border and hid the Hummers.  We’ll make a cold camp tonight since it’s not chilly out.  We definitely need to get situated somewhere before winter comes.  That’s one thing that wasn’t at the house.  Winter gear.

Contacted Tyler on the short wave and they are waiting in La Fontaine, Indiana for us.  Told him to keep his head down and we would be there as soon as possible.

You are probably wondering where I learned how to do all this.  I spent some time in the military and dealt with various branches and groups of individuals that taught me a lot about weapons and vehicles.  Lets just say I got around a lot.  After I got out of the service I continued my education reading everything I could from post-nuke to zombie fiction along with a lot of non-fiction about military strategy and combat tactics.  Evidently it all paid off in spades this time.  Hopefully our luck hangs out for the rest of the trip to our meeting with Tyler and his crew.

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