The new story is in production and I’ve asked a dear friend and fellow writer to give it a once over before the first chapter goes up.  This is going to be a little different than the zombie work but I think everyone is going to love it! 

I’m really passionate about this piece and hope this one turns out a little bit better than the Adventures of a Time Travelling Zombie Hunter.  I will return to that work but it very well might take place in a completely different setting.  But we’ll see.  Right now I would really just like to churn this out and see what happens!

Thanks for your patience and I hope to have some stuff up here before the end of the weekend!

For a sneak peak at a title and plot summary for my new piece click the “Teasers…” link below.


The title for my new piece will be entitled “After the End”.  It will be a post-apocalyptic tale told from the first person point of view.  The story will be base around a group of survivors thirteen years after a nuclear and germ warfare event that devastates the Earth.  If you watch carefully you will see references to various friends and writers in the work and there inclusion is a testatment to their friendship and skills!

Once again I hope you all enjoy it!  Please make sure to leave comments letting me know what you think!