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I’m sure many of you have wondered why I haven’t posted anything about Veterans Day.  Because I choose to prolong it.  Everyday should be Veterans Day.  Why?  Because without them we would be able to do what we want or be what we want.

Without Veterans have you ever wondered what life would be like?

Would we still be a British Colony? French Colony?

Would we be able to go to work each day knowing that we do so FREELY?

Would you have your house, 1.75 kids, and white picket fence?

Would you have the rights to any of the freedoms you currently enjoy?

Would you be an individual or a number?

Remember a couple things.  Without our troops we would be nothing.  It doesn’t matter whether you like the war or wars we are involved in at any given time.  This is about the troops and existing Veterans.  A Veteran put on the uniform when the situation was needed.  Whether it was in combat or a support role.  We did our jobs.  We were there when called upon.

Veterans make me proud to be an AMERICAN