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That many people have expected me to come on here today and blast the election. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not going to. I realized a couple days ago that we as a people just needed to get out and vote and what happens, happens. And it did. I wish President-Elect Obama the best and I just hope that the people who are supposed to represent me and my wishes do.

On both sides we just need to drop the sides thing and come together as one people. Are things going to happen we don’t necessarily like? Yes. But that’s the price for having such a diverse nation. Please do not be ugly about this if your candidate won or lost. It’s great to be happy if your candidate won. Just don’t rub it in people’s faces. Same way if your candidate lost. Don’t be bitter. You know why he lost. No reason to be hateful about it.

Do I have concerns? Of course I do. There would be concerns if McCain had been elected. Just different concerns.

It boils down to this. Whether you agree or disagree with who was elected, THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Unite the best you can as a people and rejoice that we are all still