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“This is some very idealistic stuff. Stuff that pops up every once in a while. I don’t know. Maybe I’m very cynical about politics today but I don’t think those 6 points will ever lead to a successful campaign.”

You ARE correct sir. Ideals is the key word. It is what we believe in as individuals and groups. It is what this country was founded on. It is the whole premise of why we as Americans exist.

If we EVER want true change in this country and want our government to truly represent who we are we must develop a basis to begin with. We do this through collecting and unifying our ideals. Maybe this isn’t so much about ME running for president but more about we as a people uniting to say enough is enough.

Maybe it is about standing tall and united as an American people and letting Washington know that we see you and do NOT approve!

Maybe, just maybe, this is the grassroots group that gets together to realign this country and put us on a proper path. A path to where we are all represented equally. Where the rich and the corporations don’t dictate how our lives our run.

We are all jaded towards politics right now. I, personally, am tired of hearing the phrase “the lesser of two evils”. Fine, find someone you like. Vote for them. Write them in on the ballot.

We have a say in this folks. Let us unite as a people and tell the establishment NO MORE. It is our turn now.