on the writing front concerning what I want to write about and my first real attempt at writing with The Templar Evasion.  I have to say that I have been somewhat frustrated and disappointed at my attempts so far.

This is my own problem and failure.  I just haven’t been able to really get into things with it and trying to edit and rewrite it has been an incredibly difficult task.

What I truly enjoyed was writing my little string of poems called The Undead and you’ll notice that they now have their own page and a new title.

For now I’m going to de-publish (or is it unpublish?) The Templar Evasion.  I believe for now I’m going to continue my bid for President of the United States and work on shorter pieces including more poetry and short stories.

Fair warning, a lot of it will be horror based after a discussion DarcKnyt and I kind of had about the lack of good and affordable horror novels.  Too many works now a days are trendy instead of being true to the classic forms of horror!

I appreciate everyone’s kind words and hope you’ll come back to read more real soon!