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That one day I shall run for the office of President of the United States.  I have toyed with this idea for a long time and this somewhat ties into my discussions about a revolution in this country.  We have lost our identity as a nation and I believe I can help resolve this. 

I know.  I must be crazy.  What am I thinking?  Well here is a brief outline of how I would set up the basis of my campaign.

1) Campaign Contributions – I will NOT accept money from the federal government OR from Companies or Corporations.  I will only accept money from private citizens who believe in me and my campaign.  I have always felt that if I were to accept money from a corporation I am somewhat owned by that corporation and I can not accept that as part of my plan.

2) Attack Ads / Negative Campaigning – I will NOT launch negative ads or talk poorly of my opponent.  This is their campaign also.  They obviously believe in what they are saying and therefore I will not berate or belittle them for that.  IF I am attacked I will NOT respond in the same manner.  I will simply remind the people that they must vote for what they believe is right.

3) My Goal – It is simple.  Repair this nation.  Put people back to work.  Ensure that we as a people and a nation are safe.  Ensure that we all have food on our table.  Leave the economy alone BUT regulate the actions of people.  I will not do things to specifically effect the market or economy BUT if I catch wind you are cheating you will pay and pay HARD. 

4) My Cabinet – My advisers and cabinet members will be people from academia or retired from there respective industry.  I will not appoint people such as CEO’s from Wall Street as my Secretary of Treasury.  To me that’s the same as having Osama bin Laden as Secretary of Homeland Defense.  Makes no sense and is the BIGGEST conflict of interest. 

5) Military –  Bring them home.  Catch Osama bin Laden.  Stand all military units down on a rotating schedule.  Close unneeded overseas bases.  Provide the Individual, Group and Family counseling needed to heal the minds and souls of the troops, units, and families.

6) Reliance of Foreign Oil – Are you serious?  Are you trying to tell me that the United States does not have the intelligence to develop the alternate fuels AND implement them within 3 years?  Screw you oil companies.  Time to get on board and save the planet.  Pumping this crap in the air and ground is no worse that abusing an animal.  20 years to develop and implement alternate fuels?  Absolutely ridiculous and insulting.

IF you have questions beyond the things I’ve mentioned please leave them in your comments.  I will answer them in subsequent posts and am more than willing to discuss things openly.  I have no reason to hide or sugar coat things so let your questions or comment come!