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So many people have asked me about this election and how I feel or lean, I felt it was time to answer the questions.

Who am I voting for?

John McCain.  For multiple reasons.  I am a veteran and I’m VERY concerned about the troops coming home.  Also while I believe in change I don’t believe the changes that Obama wants to make are the right ones.  The whole Share the Wealth comment terrifies me.  If a person is wealthy they got there for a reason.  Either through hard work, luck or shenanigans.  If it was shenanigans they will pay a price for it eventually.  My point is why should the government tax them more than they do me or anyone else.  One day I do believe Obama will be ready.  Just not now.

How do I feel about the tax plans?

Mortified.  I touched on it above.  I personally believe in a flat rate tax plan to be fair to all people.  No one should pay more or less than another in taxes.  17% Flat Tax Rate works out to be approximately what we are paying now.

How do I fell about the military?

We only have once place we should be operating right now.  That is Afghanistan.  Once we get bin Laden, we shut down ALL military operations around the world and bring everyone home.  Only leave bases in countries that are proven to be friends and allies.  Like England and Australia (if they want them).

What about the economy?

Isolationism.  Quit screwing around with foreign economies and basing ours on theirs or vice versa.  We are the United States of America.  To me United means we fix our problems first.

The Bail Out package should be repealed.  It is a joke.  If I had a valid option I would say that no one who voted for it should be in office.  It is pure greed that drove that vote.  It did everything for the corporations and nothing for the people.  Obama bitches about it but he didn’t cast a NO vote did he?  So much for change.

Shipping jobs overseas?  No more.  You want jobs to go over seas?  Your going to pay for it.  No tax breaks.  No perks.  The company is going to pay a hefty fee to compensate!

No more paying Farmers NOT to grow.  Do it.  Plant it.  No more importing food supplies.  We grow a surplus?  Fine, let it go to the people in this country that need it before we begin looking overseas.  Ever been to Appalachia?


Not really sure on this one.  My insurance works for me now.  Talk to me after the baby is born.  I DO believe that if a company doesn’t offer Healthcare it should be available to employees at a reasonable rate.


Close the borders temporarily.  Make all illegal’s currently in the county US Citizens (bolster the tax base).  Once this process is complete reopen the borders with stricter regulations.


That’s it in a nutshell folks.  I’m not going to tell you who to vote for.  I will not try to sway you either way.  All I ask is this:


We will be living with our choices for awhile folks.  Think long and hard about what you want to support.  I ask that you think about the nation and your fellow Americans prior to voting.  I ask that you do your patriotic duty as an American and vote.  This is the first time I have ever voted.  I can now justly complain about whatever happens.  So, if you don’t vote, don’t bitch!!

God Bless America.  God Bless Us All!