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I can honestly say that I don’t know if I want to write a poem or just write.  I’ve had a wonderful thing happen to me recently and it has put an absolutely huge smile on my face! 

My two best friends from High School have found me.  While I have acquaintances that I consider friends, these to were like sisters to me.  Some friends I’ve only known for a little bit but I am close with them like DarcKnyt and DarcsFalcon.  The two that have found me GREW UP with me and after 18 years of separation we are united again!  I’m hoping to actually go out to PA and see them here in a couple weeks!

It’s hard to imagine them as parents but they both have beautiful boys and live near where we group up.  It has just made me feel wonderful to find these friends again.  People that have understood me all these years and missed me as much I missed them.

Life is a wonderful thing people.  No matter how bad it seems sometimes, it will always get better!

Live a good life people and make sure you love someone!