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Yes, that’s right.  As cool as I may seem in my writings, I have an inner geekdom.  I play games on an Xbox 360 and last night was a beautiful evening.  My wife and I actually got rid of our Wii on Sunday in exchange for multiple items.

She got:

a Nintendo DS

3 Games

I got:


Call of Duty: World at War


While this may seem insignificant it was actually very important as I have played every Call of Duty game ever to come out and loved all but one.  I have forged meaningful friendships all over the globe playing in multiplayer mode with various people.

However last night I got my perk for pre-ordering Call of Duty.  I got my beta token.  Let me explain.

The Beta is a early release of the game allowing people to test the game and play prior to the official release.  I played for nearly 3 hours last night and loved every second of it.  This time spent playing truly validated my preorder of the game.  So for those of you on the fence about Call of Duty World at War get it, I highly recommend it and I’m sure the people in my office will be happy I played last night simply because I’m in a better mood!!

On a side note for those of you following the (an undead poem) series, you can probably tell we are nearly at the end of the first story (five or less poems left).  However don’t fear because the story shall continue in some form in another new series of silly undead poems!

Have a great day,