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Have we forgotten who we are?  We are the United States of America and that means that we grab the bootstraps and yank REALLY hard!

So the Feds can’t get together to “save” the country!

We suck it up and move on!  Is my 401k taking a hit.  Sure it is.  But you know what?  Deep in my heart I know things will recover without interference from the Federal Government.  They always do.

Let the companies fail and replace them with growing companies.  They don’t deserve to be saved.  Do you really think that if the Feds bail them out they will stop the bad business practices that got them here in the first place?  Heck no they won’t.

Force the companies to sell off what they can and dissolve them.  The Feds put money in the pockets of other businesses and the public to shore things up.

So that’s it.  Grab the straps and yank people!  When things like this happen it’s time for everyone to step up and do there part!

Make sure you vote this November and let the world know how you feel!