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I have been wracking my brain lately about the novel.  Not so much as to what comes next in the book but more about content to date.  Being a prolific reader and study of other writing styles I have decided to put the novel ON HOLD!

Don’t fear.  I’m not stopping.  I’m backtracking.  I realized that I don’t like the way it is written so far.  I’m disturbed that I have told the story much more than shown the story.  What you have seen so far isn’t going away.  The content I really like.  What I am going to change is how the story is told.

I’ve read MANY a story and series of novels in my life from the classics (The Bible, War and Peace) to pulp but never one like the novel I’m about to mention.  The author is going to think I’m buttering him up because I do have great things to say about him quite often but I have to HIGHLY recommend the writings of J Dane Tyler.  His work is an inspiration to me especially Ghost Hunters and Witch Hunt.  Character development and dialog are this writer’s forte’.  You can access his work by clicking on the link for his name in the other writers section or click HERE!

By the time I’m finished I hope to have a better flowing more descriptive set of chapters than what I started with!

Never fear I will continue posting a lot craziness on here and of course as I rewrite chapters I will re-post them for everyone to read!

Keep me and my work in your thoughts please!

Ben (The King of the Undead!)