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I propose a little friendly competition. 

If you were President of the United States what are 5 items that you would fight for tooth and nail to either change or implement in this country?

The judge will of course be my ‘impartial’ wife and the winner gets a 5 paragraph write up in a post featured here on my blog and if you don’t already have a link on the right I will add you to it!

Contest will run from now 9/25 until 10/2.

Tell your friends!  Tell everyone!  Let’s really see what we would do with the country!

PS. Please provide me with a way to contact you! Put your name in the comment if you aren’t registered and then email me your email address so I can notify the winner!

PSS. This IS NOT a writing competition! This is just conceptual so don’t worry about punctuation and spelling! Just make sure its readable!