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The Akashic Field.  The Akashic Plain.  The Akashic Records.

In the end it all boils down to one thing for me.  The White Room.

No more France or Bernard Robelet.  The girls, Michelle and Kristin are gone.

“Why me,” I thundered like a drill sergeant — obviously without the intimidation factor, just the loudness.

“I’m terrified of spiders!  I’m not very strong!  Most of all I HATE zombies!  I have a wife, two dogs, a job, two cars, and a house!  Why pick me!”

“Be glad they aren’t undead spiders,” the bodiless voice announces.

I had been pacing back and forth until I heard these words uttered.  “Did this higher power have a sense of humor,” I wondered.

“YOU were chosen because you have the understanding of this realm, the knowledge of history, and a somewhat bizarre wealth of knowledge of the undead.  Someone must right the wrongs of history.  To simply protect Good from Evil.  There is nothing more and nothing less to it.”

“You were selected because you BELIEVE.  That is the most important part in this whole situation.  You believe in the Knights Templar and what they stand for.  This ‘White Room’, as you call it, believes in you even if you don’t believe in yourself.  However, you will before all is said and done.”

“What do you mean stand FOR,” I ask aloud,”The Templar’s disbanded after these events.”

“That is for you to determine on your own.”

“This is like talking to a fortune cookie.  You say things but man they don’t necessarily make any sense!”

“There is no fortune.  There is no end.  There is Good and there is Evil.  Your parents raised you to believe in Good.  They saw to it that you understood the difference and the sacrifice that must be made at times to protect Good from the forces of Evil.”

“What if I don’t want to do this,” I ask the voice.

“Your memories of our discussions and what has happened so far will be removed and you will wake up in your chair ready to go to your job.”

I think about this for a few moments trying to decide if I want to continue on this journey through history and ‘sci-fi’.

“What happens if I die in the dream?”

“Exactly that.”

I stop and reflect upon what I just heard.  I remember my time in the Navy.  My unborn child.  My wife.  My dogs.  What happens if I say no and the undead attacks in my present?

“I’ll do it.  But on two conditions.”

“What are those,” the ever present voice enquires.

“First you must tell me more of what this place is.”

“The Akashic Records.  This is a place where everything has been recorded.  All acts by every single person that has lived in history are stored here.  Like the time you tried to make a bottle explode by putting a smoke bomb in it.”

NOBODY knew about that.  Not even my mother who knows everything about her baby boy.

“These acts are then connected together, similar to what you call a database, to create historical events.  What you see and experience in the Akashic Records are the acts of all the people involved combined together.  Your job in the Records is to correct where things have gone … askew because the forces of Evil have interfered.  That is all I can tell you.  What is your second condition?”

“You need to tell me more about the evil I am facing.  I need more information about what has happened.  That will surely make a difference in some of my decisions.”

“Then so be it.  You will learn more.  You will understand more.  You will….fight more.  Take your seat and prepare for what you are facing…..”

Chapter 6: de Nogaret….