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As Bernard and I make our way to the barn to gather some of our gear I ask the question that I had been dreading.  “Did you see the man during the skirmish this morning?”

“I saw a lot of dead men.”

“No, there was a man just standing behind the zomb…err…undead troops.”

Bernard, silent for a moment, finally replied, “I saw him there but refused to believe that a living being would be involved in this!”

“Bernard, as silly as this sounds I think that this makes the situation even more dangerous.  This means that there are living people behind these undead troops guiding them towards us.”

Hearing people coming up behind us we turn in unison to see our comrades flanking the two young sisters.

“We have two horses in the barn and a wagon we can use,” Michelle offered.

“Actually girls, you’ll be riding the horses.  We’ll guide them through the trees.  Rollf, get the tack on the horses and the girls mounted,” Bernard commanded.

As we left the farm I looked at the sisters and saw that they had tears on their cheeks but were continuing on like troopers even though we were taking them away from the only home they knew.  What really made me nervous though was catching Bernard staring at the treeline we had emerged from earlier in the day.  Unfortunately I knew exactly what he was looking for.

Dear God can I please wake up now?!?


Chapter 5 : The White Room….