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Mid-afternoon rolls around like like a NASCAR race, loud and fast.  Stretching out and trying to limber up some, I wonder why the two young girls, Kristin and Michelle, hadn’t awoken our depleted band of soldiers.  It was then the ruckus came to my attention.  In the distance I could hear a young female voice screaming for help.

Streaking out the door like a horse from the starting gate, I hear the rattle of armor as my companions follow in my footsteps.  Rounding the corner of the house I see that three brigands have the girls cornered and are approaching them with what could only be ill intent.

Launching myself at the closest ruffian, I hit him with a full tackle and without thinking, take position behind his back and snap his neck — I knew watching mixed martial arts would pay off one day.  As I stand I witness Rollf and Bernard dispatch the other two miscreants in quick order.

“Girls, where are your parents?”

Michelle, shaking like a cocktail mixer, peers to the corner of the house.  With my stomach in my throat I look around the corner and see them.  Two earthen mounds.  The girls are orphans.  Returning to the girls and my companions, Michelle manages to answer between body shaking sobs.

“We have been on our own for nearly a month,” Michelle said, “We take care of ourselves but it is getting harder because we can’t handle the farm by ourselves…”

I looked at Bernard.  He gives me a nod knowing there is no other choice.  It’s the right thing to do.

“Would you girls like to go to Scotland with us?  You know how to get us to the coast and we can find someplace safe for you there.”

Both girls looked like bobbleheads when they nod their heads in agreement.

“Go pack some clothes and some food so that we can make the run to the coast and get clear of this place!”

Kristin and Michelle take off into the house like little puppy dogs.

Bernard looks at me with his “are you crazy?” look but a small wry smile on his lips.

“Not quite fair to leave them behind, is it?” he mused.

“No it isn’t.  They’re in as much danger with us as if we left them here.  They’ve seen the undead so we know they are active in this area,” I answered.

“Then so be it.”

Chapter 4(Part III) : The Flight Part III….