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“Phillip is an idiot,” thought de Nogaret as he sat at his desk rifling through his book of spells and potions.

“Greedy little bastard had to be a Templar.  Had to have access to their treasures.”

A knock at the door. 


One of de Nogaret’s flunkies enters the room shaking in fear at the sheer presence of the King’s aide and sorcerer.

“Sir, Mandault has sent a runner.  He says he has nearly destroyed Robelet and his group of Templar’s.  He also said that a weird thing happened and another Templar has shown up.  It’s someone he has never seen before.”

de Nogaret waved the flunky out of the room and wondered who this new Templar was and where he came from.

“I accounted for them all.  Down to the lowly sergeant.  Who is this newcomer?”

Standing at what would appear to be a baptismal font, de Nogaret spoke a few words of incantation and sprinkled some powders into the still waters.  Slowly an image appeared of the newcomer. 

“Who is this newcomer,” de Nogaret demanded to know.

“Gerwyn Fulke of Welshpool,” the unnatural voice replied.

“Where did he come from?”

“Not where, but when is the question”

“When,” the startled de Nogaret muttered.

“He is a tool of the Akashic.  He is from far in the future.  One of many possible futures.”

Guillaume de Nogaret slumped into his throne-like chair deep in thought.

“What power this man had.  The knowledge he could provide me would make me King of France.  Hell, King of the World!”


The aide, who couldn’t stop shaking, walked into the room to do his master’s bidding.

“Take this message to Mandault. ‘I don’t care about Robelet.  Get me the new Templar and bring him here immediately.  He is not to be harmed at all!’  Send a messenger immediately!”

“Yes, your highness,” the aide said before he left the room at nearly a full run.

“Your Highness.  I like that.  It sounds good to my ear.  Your Highness of the World!”