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Rolff and Robert chuckled as I strolled the encampment.  I’m pretty sure they were laughing at the outsider with the ill fitting mantle and sword belt.

“Oh wait, thats me,” I think as a continue around the perimeter peering into the dark forest that surrounded the remains of one of the most famous orders of knight that ever existed.

The other two men on watch with me were friendly enough even to someone they knew was an outsider.  But because Bernard Robelet trusted me they also trusted me to stand watch and do mindless laps walking around the camp.  They joked with me about horses and the King of France (who I fortunately knew was an idiot) and his lackey de Nogaret.  We walked and listened chuckling under our breaths to ensure that no one woke up from their rest.  They deserved this sleep and would definitely need it to be able to outrun what ever was chasing them.

As Rolff noted that it was a half moon we both heard sounds in the distance that sound like men moving but also it didn’t.  It sounded like a quantity of men moving but almost louder than they should be at this time of night.  Like they had no care in the world.  Or had no fear….

Rolff and I slowly made our way into the woods towards the sound looking for evidence of the sounds we heard.  We both knew that sounds at night travel well so what we heard could be coming from somewhere within a one mile radius.  After ten minutes of walking my companion waved me down to hide from whatever was emitting the crunching and gurgling sounds.  I’ve heard many sounds and been in some tough spots before but nothing prepared me for the chilling bottomless pit of fear that was growing in my stomach.  Glancing at Rolff, I realized even he was terrified looking me with wild eyes.

Slowing we crept forward toward the sounds emanating from the darkness.  Thinking this was sheer madness and that I had either grown incredibly brave or terribly stupid, I saw one.  Then another.  And another.  Shuffling soldiers moving through the undergrowth toward our camp.  Carrying swords and pikes.  Drooling.

“Drooling,” I mutter, “why would they be drooling?”

One of the soldiers turned towards me, walking through the beam of moonlight.  Recognition kicked in.  Fear right behind it.

“This can’t be!”

Things I’ve only seen in movies walked towards me.  Things that moan out “Bbbbbrains!” or drool at the concept of eating meat from your bones and you scream.

You got it…….ZOMBIES

The whiteroom is back.  Still sitting in the chair looking into the vastness of nothing.

The voice again.

“Do you understand?”

In fear I reply, “No….”

The woods.  Rolff’s eyes look like dinner plates.  Like any well read zombie fanatic I do the only thing I can.  I unsheath my sword and swing with all my might to take the zombie’s head and seperate it from its shoulders.

“unnhhhhhh,” I grunt and then want to weep because of the metallic crunching noise I here next.  Chain mail.  “Great,” I yell as the king of stink and brain eating contests wobbles but keeps coming at me.

“Think,”  the voice from the whiteroom commands.

“Templar swords, severe trauma to the head, fire, what am I missing?” I scream.

“One word. CHINKING”

“Oh hell yeah!”

I thrust with all my might at the adams apple of my assailant and my blade slides right through up to the hilt basically impaling the zombie right up to my hand.

The monster drops like a man just kicked in the right spot and I withdrawal my sword which is covered in black muck from the now dead undead.

“Through the neck if they have on a coif or severe the head from the body,” I scream at Rolff.

I turn and look for Robert and realize he is walking towards me with that odd gait of the undead.  He is missing a chunk from his face and has that slacking droolish look of a zombie.

“I am sorry my brother,” I mutter as I remove his head from his body.

Rolff runs past me with amazing speed yelling that we must warn the others.

As we sprint towards the camp I realize this is bad.  Really, really bad.  In my typical programmer mind I do the fast pro’s versus con’s list.

Con’s = Zombies, Undead, 1300’s Europe, Not dreaming about Jessica Alba…..

Pro’s = Romero Zombies and not “28 Days Later” Zombies (speed difference)

“I’m an idiot trapped in a time I don’t belong”

“You do belong,” I hear.

Great, the whiteroom.

“Do you understand?!?”

It dawns on me now.  I finally realize my role in all of this.  Why I’m in 1300’s Europe fighting zombies.

“Yes, I understand.  The battle between Good and Evil, Light versus Dark.  I am the protector.  The warrior of light against the undead.”

“Yes.  You are to defend Good from the zombie hordes of Evil.”

**Chinking Sword – A long thin double edged sword used to thrust through chain mail armor to separate the rings and injure the advesary

Chapter 4: The Flight…