Well we finally have our power back for now.  80+ mile an hour winds did a number on Columbus.  Many areas still don’t have power and they don’t expect them to have any for a couple days.  Schools are shut down and I’m working from home.  At least the house is clean.  Counting down the days to the first obstetrician (sp?) visit so that we can get some answers.  Mainly how far a long is my wife?

How about them Steelers!  I know DarcsFalcon but I grew up there and gotta root for the home team.  I bleed black and gold!

Trying to design a new entry path for the house so that my parents (in their mid 70’s) will be able to get in the house easily to visit their grandchild in the spring.  Think I’ll take a picture and load it into Open Office Draw and see what I can do with it there.  Should be interesting.

Hope to have a new chapter up for Templar Evasion by Sunday night if all continues to stay calm here!

Take it easy everyone!

God Bless,