I wondered today if I would actually write something.  I wondered if I actually had the right to write something.  Actually, I wondered if I COULD write something.

See, on this day 7 years ago I was on vacation with a majority of my in-laws at Ocean Isle Beach.  I woke up, walked out to get coffee, and saw quite a few people gathered in front of the TV.  I don’t remember who said it but I heard a plane hit the World Trade Center.

Being a student of history I remembered reading about a plane (I think it was a B-25) taking out a whole floor of the Empire State Building in 1945.  I figured something similar happened until another in-law said it was a commercial jet.  I sat down on the couch and proceeded to watch the second plane hit the towers.  I’ll never forget that.

Then we heard about Flight 93.  That was very near where my wife’s family is from.  As a matter of fact one of the people at the beach with us was a forensic photographer for the  PA Highway Patrol.  I can remember his pager going nuts.

We remembered some friends had left to go home to Florida that morning.  We tried to call but the cell towers had already been taken down.  All of a sudden we heard military jets and helicopters patrolling the coast line.  Being ex-military, I identified them for everyone.  I, unfortunately, had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

The world had changed as we knew it.

Seven years later I see images like THESE on my friend DarcFalcon’s blog and all those memories come rushing back. 

It’s tough to see those images but I think that’s a good thing.  We need to be reminded.  If we ever forget we will just repeat it.  I’m not going to rave about the political end of things here.  I just remember the pain in my heart to see this happen.  As a proud American this is something I will never forget…or forgive.  If you want a piece of this country that’s fine, but do it on the battle field.  Don’t preach to be an honorable warrior and then do something cowardly like this.  Don’t kill innocent non-combatants.  These aren’t the people your mad at.

My wife and I have talked the past couple days, as this dreaded day of remembrance approached, about how we will teach our children about this.  I’m sure as someone reads this they will say “why teach your children about this?”.  So that it never happens again.

On this day and December 7th only, I limit my prayers to specific groups.  To the people who died needlessly, to the people who rescued the survivors, and to those who defend our nation from these events repeating themselves.