We serve to honor those who have fallen before us.  We serve to defend Liberty and deliver Freedom.  We are not glory hounds.  We are not killers.  We are representatives of FREEDOM.

I am a 4 year veteran of the US Navy and my brother is a 30 year veteran of the US Air Force.  We have both been involved in parts of the world where things have not been so nice.  We have been away for deaths in the family.  We have missed our families so much that the pain of missing them has diminished to a cold hard knot in our stomachs that we no longer realize is there.

If you ask us about being veterans we will tell you “Yes, we are” and that will be the extent of it.  Celebrations for veterans make us uneasy.  We weren’t out there to be celebrated we were out there doing what we felt was our DUTY.  We were there when other people needed us to help them.

Burn a flag?  I think you are an idiot because you don’t understand what that flag means.  Spit on troops?  I will rain down on you like the fires of hell.

It is a brotherhood.  From the Revolution to Afghanistan and Iraq we have all served in the brotherhood.  Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.  We are united together in what we stood or stand for when we put on the uniform.

Secretly when someone like DarcsFalcon honors us like THIS we do get a warm fuzzy inside.  It means there are people out there who do care.  People they may never understand what it is like but respect us for knowing exactly how things go down out there.

So to you DarcsFalcon, I say thank you for recognizing veterans and active troops around the world and here at home.

Ben Rogers

Electricians Mate 3

USS Ashland LSD 48