Ok time for some emotion.  Recently I have been very discouraged because only my friends have been leaving comments on here about my posts.  After awhile that takes a toll on you.  Not really writer’s block because I do have some really awesome ideas kickin’ around in my head.  Combine this with the passing of my wife’s grandmother and I just haven’t had time to write lately. 

Today I received a little bit of encouragement in the form of an email from a reader named Evan who evidently likes my work.  Evan, you have really helped me out in this and the discouragement is beginning to fade.

To all who read my work, there is nothing more important than feedback!  If you love it, say so.  If you hate it, say so.  If you could care less, say so.  I don’t take this stuff personally.  Just ask J Dane Tyler.  He was kind enough to proof my work and tore it up!  Loved it!  Great suggestions.  So please, I know it sounds like I’m begging, but tell me something.

Thank you to everyone following our Time Traveling Zombie Hunter!

Your Friend,