What I mean is an Awakening or Realization. 

We as a county have grown numb to not only how we live our lives but also how we are perceived by other nations.  While many people come here looking for freedoms how many of those people actually come because they want to be “Americans”?

Lets throw a few concepts on the table.

1)  We are in general morally bankrupt – Look at the things shown on television!  I can remember when one of the most risque shows on TV was Three’s Company because John Ritter had to pretend to be gay!  Now we have partial nudity and language that impresses me and I’m ex-Navy!  We wonder why our children are having their own children so young or why there is so much violence and disregard for human life?  Television is a good place to start.  I never used to believe in this until one day I sat down and really thought it out.  My wife is terrified of Freddie Kruger.  Why?  Because at a young age when a child couldn’t differentiate between reality and fiction, a baby-sitter let her and her sister watch it.  I don’t own any horizontally striped sweaters.  Not because I’m a big guy but because of Freddie.

2)  Our elected officials in general do absolutely nothing representing the will of the people – Bet if you had asked about an invasion of Iraq prior to going in you would have gotten a no vote from the majority of citizens.  Politicians simply do what is best for them and for special interest groups.  In another post I will go off on lobbyists but that’s for another day.  When was the last time the government really did something for the people.  They say they help out corporations to save the economy.  Really?  Sorry but I find that hard to believe.  We lost control of our economy out of greed because everyone wanted to make money on the stock market.  If you think that the speculators on oil didn’t cause these recent spikes, I would kindly disagree with you.  Or the greed in the over inflation of the housing market.  Another great example.  Wait till the housing market does come back and property values are still down.  Its going to happen.  Loans were illegally given out based on false information.  Values were driven up.  I have been fortunate that my values haven’t gone down.

3)  TAKE FRIGGIN RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS! – Oh my.  Sorry about the language but this is an incredibly sore subject.  Being a programmer if I screw up one of my assignments who do I blame it on?  You got it.  ME.  If you screw up in life who do you have to blame it on?  Well according to what I see out there, everyone else.  You murder someone.  Who did it?  Who pulled the trigger?  Who is at fault?  Come on people quit pointing the finger at someone else.  Granted your decisions are influenced by other factors but the long and the short of it simple.  You made the conscience decision to do whatever you did.  That’s the bottom line.

And the last one for this post….

4)  Why is the law so complicated that you have to go to school for so long to understand it? –  You want me to obey them?  Put them in plain English.  I personally believe it’s a conspiracy by the legal profession.  I understand lawyers and judges and all that but why are they the only ones that get to interpret laws?  I bust my hump everyday but no law on the books is legible to me.  Oh, I could probably piecemeal it together but I also have my Masters degree.  I should be able to stand in a court of law and defend myself without having to know legalese. It’s to the point of being ridiculous.

Thanks for reading so far.  Definitely more to come in the near future!