Does anyone think that McCain stands even a chance in this election?  To me it appears like he is just meandering through the process and was the first to do a stupid commercial.

If you want to be president thats great but you need to follow through and make sure your people are in line with what you want to do.  Its like McCain hired TMZ for his PR department. 

As of right now I would give it to Obama and I’m not sure this is a bad thing.  At least it looks like he can get stuff done.  80% of being president is the ability to speak and he is whupping up on that.  Seriously is it that bad to have someone that hasn’t played the Washington DC political game for all his life to be president?

Don’t get me wrong.  I run the middle of the road in my beliefs and am about who will help restore this country to what it was and should be.  I just don’t see McCain going that route.

And really why is there no Patriotic talk coming out of his camp?  Damn, if there was ever a man to be patriotic its McCain and what do we get?  Obama healing the nation and bringing us together as Americans. 

Very Very Interesting……but yet also somehow confusing…..

Till next time